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Define Adaptation:
Process of meeting biological, psychological, social needs under changing circumstances
Define Psychological Aging
Adaptation during life span
Define Stressors
changes that are perceived to disrupt customary modes of behavior
In what contexts are stressor evident?
Name examples of Social stressors?
-caregiving for ill spouse
-family member moves
-move in w/fam member
-relocating to nursing home
-Loss of worker role
Name examples of Physical stressors?
-serious illness
-cumulative sensory loss
-sex problems
-chronic condition that reduces mobility or self care
Name examples of Cultural stressors?
-Negative stereotyping of elders
-Hlth care policy mgmnt
Name examples of Personal stressors?
-diminished finances
-reality of own death
Define Optimal aging:
Adaptive process where alternative strategies/activities are used to compensate for aging chg
What are the adaptive strateges of the elderly?
-social support
-Sense of control
-within specific life domains
What kind of "COPING" strategy is used by the elderly?
"emotion-focused" coping is used. they try to achieve an emotional acceptance of the situation
What are 2 types of coping strategies?
1) Restructuring of priorities: minimizing the importance of the stressor
2)Positive comparison: they take what is happening and compare it to others
How is Social support obtained in order to adapt to a situation(s)?
-attachment w/spouse, kids, siblings, neighbors, friends
-direct/indirect social interactions
-sense of belonging to a dependable soc network
-soc svs in the community
How does social support buffer them from aging challenges
-provides positive self-view
-min the effects of reduced control
-decr likelihood of depression
-lowers death rates
How is "sense of control" a social adaptation?
-they feel better about being able to make decisions about activities, how they're going to participate, how to sequence them, and control the pace of the activity
When elders don't "sense control" what can happen and what is the result?
-lack of self-esteem
-become passive, apathetic & are less motivated
How do the elderly's healthcare workers and family contribute to learned helplessness?
complete the task for them
impose the routine
by being negative
by using callous physical handling
perpetuating the 'sick' role
What are the possible outcomes of successful adaptation?
- OUTLOOK (being optimistic)
- RESOLUTION (taking resp for own life)
- COMPLETION (feeling of accomplishment)