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What was the Freud's main influence in the development of his psychoanalytic theories?
Nervous breakdown in his 40s led to his self-analysis. Examined childhood memories, dreams, and his relationships with and feelings toward his parents.
Human Nature:

What are the two opposing wishes of every human being according to Freud?
1) Wish for life (Eros)

2) Wish for death (Thanatos)
The Freudian view of human nature is basically ______________.
According to Freud, human behavior is determined/controlled by what 4 concepts?
Irrational forces
Unconscious motivations
Biological drives
Instinctual drives

All of which evolve during the first 6 years of life.
Originally, Freud used the term ________ to refer to sexual energy, but later broadened it to include the energu of all the _____________.
A) libido

B) life instincts
What are the three systems of personality?
What is the id?
The biological component that operated on the pleasure principle.
Born with this drive for survival.
"Animal Nature".
What is the ego?
The psychological component that satisfies the id in a socially acceptable way.

Reality principle.
What is the superego?
The social component that is developed from parental values, right vs wrong, conscience.

Developed by age 4 or 5.
List and define the three kinds of anxiety.
Realistic anxiety: justified, evoked by threats to the "balance of power"
Neurotic anxiety: fear that the id will take over.
Moral anxiety: fear of one's own conscience.
Name the 11 different defense mechanisms.
Reaction Formation
Define Compensation.
Masking weakness to develop other traits.
Define Denial.
Reality becomes frightening to the point that it denial becomes a coping mechanism.
Define Displacement.
Take unacceptable impulse and take it out on someone unrelated to the situation and cannot get back at you.
Define Identification.
Identify self with something better than me.
Define Introjection.
Lose who you are and become someone else, shallow.
Define Projection.
Take unacceptable desires and begin to see them in everyone.
Define Rationalization.
Make justifiable reason to save ego and avoid real problem/reason.
Define Reaction Formation.
Act opposite of what person fears.
Define Regression.
Regress back to place where you felt safe.
Define Repression.
Push problems/issues below the surface.
Define Sublimation.
Take libido and put the energy toward something creative, productive, or physical.
According to Freud, what are the 5 stages of childhood sexuality?
Oral (1-18 months)
Anal (18 months-3 yrs)
Phallic (3-6 yrs)
Latency (6 yrs - puberty)
Genital (Puberty - death)
In terms of fixation, define the oral stage.
Addictions related to the mouth (smoking/alcohol)
In terms of fixation, define the anal stage.
Anal retentive when parents too strict with TT (results in uptight, tidy).

Anal expulsive when parents too lax with TT (results in laid back attitude and sloppy).
In terms of fixation, define the phallic stage.
GUYS: tough, extreme masculinity

GIRLS: flirty, manipulative with femininity OR act more masculine than feminine
In terms of fixation, define the LATENCY stage.
Nothing really happens, identify with same sex.
In terms of fixation, define the genital stage.
What is the therapeutic goal of psychotherapy?
To bring the unconscious to consciousness.
Name some of the conditions of treatment.
Firmly structured, otherwise a sign of resistence.

Same environment, time(45min), fees, etc.
Name the 4 therapeutic techniques.
Free Association
Dream Interpretation (Dreams fulfill wishes)
Identifying Resistance
What is transference?
When analyst becomes another person to the client.
What is different about the Neo-Freudians?
Less of Id

More interest in culture and practical ways to deal with issues

Less focus on sex theories
What are some general criticisms of Freud's Psychoanalytic Counseling Methods?
Subjective, non-scientific
Based on few case studies
Too much emphasis on sex
Not practical (time and cost)
What are some criticisms from a Christian Point of View?
Saw religion as illusion
Mechanistic and Naturalistic system
Saw personality of foundation of life
Darker side is not same as sinful
All about "me", not community
Repressed libido and aggression leads to neurotic behavior
Not good model for professional or personal relationships.