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What is the median?
the score that cuts the distribution of scores in half
Name and Define the two phases of Bulimia
Binging: severely over eats lots of food

Purging: Voids of eliminates the food that was consumed
What are some symptoms of conversion disorder?
inability to use healthy body part
(loss of sight after seeing best friend murdered)
What are the features of Motivated Behavior?
Starts: Instigated or initiated
Goal Directed
Requires selective behaviors for reaching the goal
What are the types and symptoms of Schizophrenia?
Paranoid: delusions of persecution
Catatonic: awkward positions for extended periods, repetitive sounds and movements
Hebephrenic: illogical speech, silly, disorganized
Undifferentiated: experience all symptoms
Residual: currently in remission
What is the Satiety/Satisfaction Center?
Ventro-Medial Hypothalamus
What are some dissaciative disorders and their symptoms?
amnesia: loss of memory
fugue: fleeing and not remembering why
identity: Loss of identity
What are the three basic Motivators?
Intra-Psychic (mental)
Socio-behavioral (relationships)
What are symptoms of Hypochondrical reaction?
sickness with no cause
What are the three basic catagories of eating disorders?
Anorexia Nervosa
What is the medical model approach to normalcy and abnormality?
all mental disorders are diseases
they have symptoms
symptoms can be diagnosed
symboms can be treated
What does Motivere Mean?
movement or to move
What are symptoms of Depression?
sadness, non productive behaviors, insomnia, loss of appetite
What is the role of insulin?
insulin metabolizes glucose
What is the mean?
the average score or performance
What is Motivation?
Hypothetical Construct
Can't be seen
implied from observation
What moved the individual to act
Who based their personality theory on interests?
What is Needs Theory?
there are needs which are arranged in a hierarchy. The lower needs must be satisfied before moving on to the higher needs
What are some of the symptoms of Generalize anxiety disorder?
persistently tense, jittery, worried, racing heart, clammy hands, sleeplessness, person cannot identify the cause
What is hyperphagia?
over eating
What are the two basic types of personality tests?
Objective: MMPI

Projective: Inkblots
What is a wholistic approach to motivation?
a more comprehensive explaination of what moved a person to act using more than one motivation
What is Bi-Polar?
Mood swings in opposite directions
What is the Feeding Center?
Lateral Hypothalamus
What are symptoms of an Antisocial personality/sociopath/psychopath?
No remorse, violations against society, Freud says ruled by id have weak ego
Who is a drive Theorist?
Clark Hull
What is a Personality Disorder?
maladaptive behavior pattern not involving anxiety, depression, or delusions
What is aphagia?
What is the culprit and symptoms of Obsessive- Compulsive disorder?

persistent repetative thoughts
repetitive behaviors, often appear ritualistic
Who disproved the swallow count mechanism and how?
put a rubber tube down subjects throats, they still reported fullness
What is a Psychoses?
severe disturbances requiring hospitalization
What is Incentive Theory?
External factors move the individual to act.
What are symptoms of a Histrionic personality?
Shallow, attention getting emo9tiohs, go to great lengths to gain other's praise.
What are the 6 symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa?
Self imposed starvation
set and re-set weight goal
inaccurate perception of weight
No menstrual Cycle
will hoard food but will not eat it
Preoccupied with thoughts of food
What are some of the symptoms of Phobias?
focus anxiety on specific object, irrational fears that disrupt behavior.
What happens when the Ventro-Medial Hypothalamus is stimulated?
feeling of fullness occurs
What are the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality disorder?
exaggerate own importance, aided by success fantasies, hard to accept critism, react with rage or shame
Define the Need of Self Actualization
need to find fullfillment, to realize ones potential, to become what one is capable of becoming
What three indexes indicate what is normal?
How do you cause aphagia?
stimulate the Ventro-medial Hypothalamus

Destroy the Lateral Hypolthalamus
Who reported that people have characteristic personality traits?
Cattell and Eysenck
Who studied Hunger pangs and what did he learn?

Stomach pains are learned
What is the mode?
the most frequent score
Define Safety/Security Need
Need to feel secure, safe and free from danger
What are the three types of mental disorders?
Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
What is the Instict Theory?
simple unlearned behavior
Just born that way
instinct theorists didn't explain behavior, just named it.
What is Mania?
elation, rapidity of speech, flight of ideas, delusions of grandeur
Define Self Esteem Need
Need to achieve, to be competent and strong, to gain approval and recognition
What are Anxiety disorders?
less severe
uncontrollably tense
marked by distressing, persistant anxiety
Who were two instict theorists?
Darwin, Freud
What is a mesomorph?
Muscular body: verbally abusive, lover of physical activity
Define Belongingness/Love need
Need to affiliate with others, to belong, to be accepted and loved
What is an endomorph?
round/heavy body: jolly sociable, talkative
Who is a drive Theorist?
Clark Hull
What is the Electral Complex?
Girl is attracted to father
What did Freud define as the 3 features of personality?
What is the Oedipal Complex?
Boy is attracted to his mother
Who usually suffers from Eating disorders?
Female, White, Middle to upper middle class
Who used boyd type as an indicator of personality?
Whatis Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (starting from bottom)
Self Esteem
Self Actualization
What are the 8 stages of Erickson's stages of personality?
Trust vs. Mistrust: after birth

Autonomy vs. Shame: 2's

Initiative vs. Guilt: flirtation 3-6

Industry vs. Inferiority: 6-12 competition, early success

Identity vs. role confusion: Teens Who am I

Intimacy vs. isolation: 20-39 settling down, job, marriage

Generativity vs. stagnation: 40-59 influence on generation to come

Ego Integrity vs. Despair: Late adulthood - death Life review
Who is a Needs theorist?
What is the Superego?
understands the rules of society
What does Homeostasis mean?
Balance or remaining the same
What does freud label as the three states of conscious?
Conscious: anything person is currently attending

preconscious: easily called into conscience

Unconscious: Most important. Locked in unconscious
Who discovered the role of Insulin?
What are Ego defense mechanisms and how do they work?
Rationalization: Making excuses
Regression: reverting back
Repression: Forgetting info
Projection: putting feelings on someon else
Displacement: re-directing to scapegoat
Sublimination: redirecting anger to socially acceptable channel
REaction Formation: Child pornographer give money to Child Abuse cause
Identification: act like role model
Denial- Inability to accept
What is Drive Reduction/ Drive Theory?
Homeostatic approach
Uses internal factors to explain behavior
What are the names and descriptions of freuds Psychosexual theory stages?
Oral- birth-18 months- weaning
Anal= 2-3-pottytraining
Phallic- 3-6 -attraction to opposite sex parent
Latency- No new crisis
Genital- appropriate interaction with opposite sex peers
What is the swallow count mechanism?
Individual stops eating based on the number of swallows
What is the Ego?
reality based
negotiator between Id and Superego
What is personality?
distinct pattern of behaviors, attitudes, and experiences which uniquely characterize a person
When is personality complete according to Erickson?
Never its a life process
Who is an Incentive Theorist?
What is the Id?
innate urges
seeks instant gratification
What is the Glucostatic Explaination?
based on Homeostatic Theory. When glucose level drops, receptors take a message to the Lateral Hypothalamus (feeding center) and sensation of hunger occurs.
What are the 5 characteristics of Psychosexual theory of personality?
stage approach
crisis at each stage
crisis must be resolved
can't move to next level until crisis is resolved
crisis not resolved, then stuck
Who came up with the Psychoanalytic Theory?
When is Personality complete according to Freud?
onset of Puberty
Define Biophysiological Need
Need to satisfy hunger/thirst, need for air, no pain, maintain body temp, satisfy sex drive and maternal drive, and satisfy the sensory stimulation.
Who is the primary influences in personality development according to Freud and Erickson?
Freud: Parents
Erickson: Peer, Society, Parents
What are 3 problems with Maslows Hierarchy of Need?
two different models
data collected only from Middle class of western civilization
Lack of experimental evidence
What is an ectomorph?
thin frail: shy timid reserved
How do you cause Hyperphagia?
Stimulate the Lateral Hypothalamus

Destroy the Ventro-Medial Hypothalamus
What did Hippocrates believe about personality?
based on excesses in body fluid
Who studies Personality?