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_______ variable that is expected to change as a result of experimental manipulation
If a result occured by chance less than 5 times out of 100 it is said to be:
Psychology that focuses on language, problem solving and judging:
Future trends in the field of psychology:
1. The field of neuroscience
2. Influence on public interest
3. Prevention of psychological disorders as opposed to just treating them
4. Studying racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences will become more important as our communities become more diverse
A ______ psychologist might study how to best treat schizophrenia
Broad explanations and predictions concerning phenomena of interest:
Approach that suggests that observable, measurable behavior should be the focus of psychological study
Behavioral Prospective
The _______ perspective studies how people and nonhumans function biologically
A counseling psychologist is most likely to help people with:
Adjusting to new situations
True or False: An example topic that would come up if you were taking a class on personality psychology would be: the influence of consciousness on grades
Individual differences outweigh the influence of universal principals:
Humanistic perspective
In the "nature vs. nurture" debate, which perspectives would emphasize nurture more than nature?
Humanistic and Behavioral
Social neuroscience involves using information about brain function to understand:
Interpersonal Dynamics
The psychodynamic perspective suggests that _____ when it comes to determining behavior
Internal mental processes are important
The humanistic perspective suggests that _____ when it comes to determining behavior
Internal mental processes are important
Procedure used to study the structure of the mind in which subjects are asked to describe in detail what they are experiencing when exposed to a stimulus
A person who comes up to you saying they can see rather than hear the notes of a music composition is experiencing: