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What was Kastenbaum’s definition of a death system?
the sociophysical network by which we mediate and express our relationship to mortality
socphys net
What other four elements, besides people, are included in a death system?
a. Places
b. Times
c. Objects
d. Symbols
List the seven functions of a death system?
a. To give warnings and predictions
b. To prevent death
c. To care for the dying
d. To dispose of the dead
e. To work toward social consolidation after death
f. To help make sense of death
g. To bring about socially sanctioned killing
to warn, prevent, care, dispose, work, help, bring
What does the term “human-induced death” mean? What forms of human-induced death are discussed in this chapter?
Deaths that human beings visited upon themselves and others. Accidents, homicides, terrorism, war and genocide, the Holocaust and nuclear era.
What percentage of all homicide deaths in the U.S. involve individuals between the age of 15 and 44?
What does the motto “Arbeit macht frei” mean?
“work makes one free”
Explain the role that the media play in our death system.
News reports and entertainment programs……..Americans have limited personal experience with natural human death but experience it vicariously through various media outlets such as newspapers and magazines, as well as radio and television and other electronic media such as the internet