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Explain the function of the “grandfather house” built for the Amish man, John Stolzfus.
The “grandfather house” serves as a place where a elder person can prepare themselves and their loved ones for their eventual death. It is the Amish way of embracing death and gives the everyone an opportunity to say those last goodbyes and just be with their loved ones.
When we say “John had a very difficult death” what are we referring to?
We are referring to the manner of his dying.
What are the five dominant patterns in western attitudes toward death according to Aries?
a. Tame death
b. Death of the self
c. Remote and imminent death
d. Death of the other
e. Death denied
What is the meaning of “Ars moriendi”?
Ars moriendi an art of dying well.
Discuss the meaning and your interpretation of the following statement: “We human beings contribute to our experiences; we are not merely passive receivers of information.”
This statement means that we as human beings effect and are effected by our experiences. We essentially make our own experiences according to how we interpret our actions and the effects they have on others. Rather than being passive bystanders in our lives, we take part and therefore contribute to our experiences.
What was the great question for each individual Puritan?
The great question for each individual Puritan was whether he or she was a member of God’s holy elect.
Think about the four categories of death-related attitudes described in this chapter: attitudes about your own dying, your death, what will happen to you after death, and the dying, death, or bereavement of someone you love. Which of these categories is most important to you at this point in your life?
The dying, death or bereavement of someone else is most important to me at this point in my life.
According to Aries, “death of the self” involves which of following :
Seeing death as an opportunity for damnation or salvation
According to Aires, ambivalence is most characteristic of which patterns of Western attitudes toward death:
Remote and imminent death