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Which of these statements best explains why psychologists should study the nervous system
Behavior, both normal and abnormal, has its roots in the nervous system. All behavior comes from the nervous system.
Dendrite is to_________
as axon is to____________
Receive; Transmit
Dendrites receive signals and the Axon carries the signal to other structures.
End bulbs release neurotransmitters into the
Alcohol is clssified as a?
Alcohol is a depressant because it causes decreased neural activity
A patient suffers damage to the nervous system, he can move his hands,but does not feel anything with them. What is the best explanation?
afferent neurons have been damaged.
Afferent neurons carry info from the senses to the spinal cord.
Cocaine causes its effects of physiological arousal and feelings of euphoria by?
Preventing reuptake from occurring. This describes how the mechanism by which cocaine influences the nervous system
Curare is to mescaline as _____ is to _______
Block; Mimic
Curare blocks receptors while mescaline mimics a neurotransmitter
To function properly, the basal ganglia need a sufficient supply of?
The basal ganglia need a sufficient supply of dopamine to help regulate movement
How is L-dopa effective in the treatment of Parkinson's disease?
It increases the production of dopamine.
L-dopa boosts the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is destroyed in Parkinson's.
Why would a baby born with almost no brain even survive for a couple of days?
The baby would still have a brain area that regulates vital reflexes.
The most commom genetic order in the U.S. is?
Fragile X syndrome
In what specific structure is the "chemical alphabet" found. The alphabet that will provide the instructions for growth & development?
DNA. DNA is the specific structure that contains the instructions.
What technique uses radio frequencies to study the structure of the brain?
The three divisions of the human brain are?
The part of the brain that directly allows you to contemplate the answer to this question is the?
The forebrain allows us to perform higher reasoning, speak, and use of language.
Which of the activities would most likely involve the cerebellum?
Dancing requires smooth coordinated movements.
Which division is especially active when you notice butterflies in your stomach, a dry mouth, and sweaty palms?
The Sympathetic division is activated by stressful situations.
The thin layer of cells that cover the surface of the forebrain is calle the?
The stoy of Phineas Gage demonstrates that?
The frontal lobe seems to be involved in emotion and desicion making.
If you want to reach with your right hand to grab a pen, where would that message originate in your nervous system?
In the left motor cortex
The drawing of the somatosensory cortex that illustrates how much of the cortex is devoted to various body parts is?
Sensory homunculus.
It refers to "little man" and describes the layout of the somatosensory cortex.
A stroke patient suffers damage to the left temporal lobe. This damage is likely to be manifested by problems with?
Wernicke's area,which is necessary for speaking and understanding speech is located in the left temporal lobe.
The Occipital lobe contains the _______cortex?
Primary visual.
Major Divisions of the nervous system
Central nervous system and
Peripheral nervous system
Subdivisions of the PNS
Somatic Nervous System and
Autonomic Nervous System
Subdivisions of the ANS
Sympathetic Division and
Parasympathetic Division