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critical thinking

~examine assumptions

~discern hidden values

~evaluate evidence

hindsight bias

exaggerating that we knew the outcome after we find it out


we tend to think we know more than we do

scientific method

1. theories- idea

2. hypotheses

3. research and observations

types of research

1. descriptive- observe and record behavior

2. correlational- detecting naturally occurring relationships

3. experimental- cause and effect

correlation coefficient

from 1 to 0 & 0 to -1

1 & -1 are strongest relationship

illusory correlation

perception of a relationship where none exists

~ex: raining and carwashing

order in random events

looking for order or patterns in random data

~ex: flipping a coin and finding patterns in

heads or tails when there is none

case study

an observation technique which one person is studied in depth in the hope of revealing universal principles

independent and dependent variable

independent- factor that is manipulated

dependent- the outcome

experimental and control conditions

experimental- exposes subjects to treatment

control- contrasts with experiment, serves as a comparison for evaluating