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modifier genes
Enhance or dilute other genes
e.g. PKU a disorder that affect your ability to brake down certain proteins
Polygenic inheritance
Mutiple genes work together to express a trait (height, IQ, basically everything)
Incomplete Dominance
this is what happens in calico cat when they receive two dominate genes- both try to be active- cause the dominate black hair gene to be expressed in some areas, while the dominate orange gene is expressed in others
silencing of genes
Hipstone Modification
determines whether or not a gene will work. (ball looking thing)
What are the 5 variables that modulate the effects of teratogens?
1. Dose
2. Time of Exposure
3. Genetic Susceptibility
4. Age of Mother
5. Age of Fetus
blood pressure increases sharply; face, hands and feet swell in second half of pregnancy. can cause convulsion in the mother and fetal death