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When did the concept of sexuality emerge?
Mid-1800s: sexuality of plants
1937: types of sexual attraction
What is the basic philosophy of Judaism?
The integrity (distinctive quality) of the different aspects of the universe must be preserved and protected
How is sexual behavior in general viewed by Judaism?
As a source of ritual impurity, which can be cleansed and isolated
How is sexual behavior outside of marriage viewed by Judaism?
More than a source of impurity, which results in prohibition of specific behaviors
What is the overarching premise of Christianity?
Morality is based on instructions provided by Jesus, and violations of morality involve forgiveness from God
How does Christianity view sexuality in general?
Jesus does not address sexuality, Paul advocates abstinence. Should avoid sexual irregularities by having sex with one's spouse
How did Augustine conceptualize sexuality?
As evil and destructive, advocated celibacy and abstinence, avoidance of sexual pleasure, missionary position
What is Dualism?
The belief that the universe consists of two opposing forces, the spiritual (soul) and the physical (body).
What is Gnosticism?
Maintains humans are born with both good and evil components, the spiritual and the physical
How were admonitions against sexual behavior formalized?
Penitential literature: prescribed sin according to church standard and penance or punishment individuals must perform in order to be forgiven by God

Sins against nature: "unnatural sex" formalized by Thomas Aquinas
How do Native American religions view sexuality in general?
Sexuality and nudity not evil or shameful. Acceptance of children and adolescent's sexual exploration, polygamy, acceptance of extramarital sex
What are two-spirits?
One of is both a woman and a man; highly esteemed, belief that two spirits have greater spiritual powers
What is the main principle of Confucianism?
Tiam (Heaven) is the source of order and morality; respect for ancestors core value
What is the main principle of Daoism?
Maintain balance with the forces of the universe; reestablish balance if disrupted (yin and yang contribute in harmony)
What are ying and yang?
Yin: passive aspect of existence

Yang: active aspect of existence
How is sexuality in general viewed by Confucianism and Daoism?
Sexual behavior is interaction of yin and yang

Yin limitless in women, Yang easily depleted

Intercourse good for men, too much ejaculation unhealthy
What are the four major goals of Hinduism?
1. Sensory gratification
2. Material well-being
3. Religious behavior
4. Salvation
How is sexuality in general viewed by Hinduism?
Sexual behavior is desirable and healthy, love important aspect of sexuality
What is the main premise of Buddhism?
Enlightenment and releasing oneself from worldly concerns
How is sexuality in general viewed by Buddhism?
Excessive levels of sexual behaviors is detrimental to enlightenment