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What is in Kingdom Protista?
Animal-like, plantlike, and funguslike are in Kingdom Protista
What is the general protist vocab?
The general protist vocab is eukaryoate and multi-cellular
What is the animal-like protist vocab?
The animal-like protist vocab is protozoan, pseudo-pod, contractile vacoule, cilia, oral groove, pellicle, symbiosis, and mutualism.
What is the fungus-like protist vocab?
The fungus-like is spore.
What is the plant-like protist vocab?
The plant-like protist vocab is algae, colony, pigment, holdfasts, stalks, blades, and bladders.
What is an eukaryote?
An eukaryote is an organism that has a nuclei (plural for nucleus) in their cells
What is multicelluar?
Multicelluar is an organism that is made of multiple cells
What are protists?
Protists are eukaryotes
Are protists unicellular?
Protists are usually unicellular organisms but can be multicelluar like seaweed
Where do protists live?
Protists live in moist enviroments.
What are the 3 types of protists?
The 3 types of protists are animal-like (amebas, parameciums,etc) , plantlike (diatoms, seaweed, etc.), and funguslike (yellow slime mold, etc.)
What are protozoans?
A protozoan is another way of saying animal like protists
What is a pseudopod?
A pseudopod means false foot
What is a contractile vacoule?
A contractile vacoule stores extra water
True or false: all animal like protozoans are heterotrophs.
True; all protozoans are heterotrophs.
How are animal-like protists classified?
Animal like protists are classified on how they move.
How do protozoans move?
Protozoans move using the pseudopod for movement and trapping food.
What is the use of a contractile vacoule?
The use of a contractile vacoule is so that it collects extra water that travels through the cell membrane so that the organism won't burst.
How do animal like protists reproduce?
Animal like protists reproduce by binary fission.
What is a cilia?
Cilia are hair-like extensions that are used for movement, sensing the environment, and catching food.
What is an oral groove?
An oral groove is similar to a mouth
What is a pellicle?
A pellicle gives shape; sort of like a cell wall
Protozoans with cilia are called what?
Protozoans with cillia are also called ciliates
Protozoans with cilia have how many nuclei?
Protozoans with cilia have two nuclei
Protozoans with cilia have an oral groove that is lined with what to help it eat?
Protozoans with cilia have an oral groove that is lined with CILIA to help it eat.
Do protozoans with cilia have a pellicle?
Protozoans with cilia have a pellicle to give it shape (in other words, yes)
Protozoans with cilia reproduce using what?
Protozoans with cilia reproduce using binary fission. They also use conjugation but rarely!
What is symbiosis?
Symbiosis is a close relationship between two organisms when at least one benefits
What is mutualism?
Mutualism is when both organisms benefit from the relationship
Protozoans with flagella are also called what?
Protozoans with flagella are called zooflagellates
How are sporozoans or sporozoites classified?
Sporozoans or sporozoites are classified on how they live.
What are sporozoans/sporozoites?
They are parasites that feed on the cells and fluids of their hosts.