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What regulation prescribes the enlisted promotions and reductions function of the military personnel system?

AR 600-8-19

What is the objective of the Army's Enlisted Promotions System?

To provide for career progression and rank that are in line with potential and for recognition of the best qualified Soldier, which will attract and retain the highest caliber Soldier for a career in the Army

What is selection based on for promotion to a noncommissioned officer (NCO) rank?

A Soldier's potential to serve at increasing levels of responsibility, and this potential

What are the four roles that establish the foundation for NCO development and serve as measurements of success throughout an NCO's career?

(1) Lead

(2) Train and educate

(3) Care for Soldiers and equipment

(4) Maintain and enforce standards

When are Soldiers promoted in support of satisfying Army requirements?

Once Soldiers are fully trained and educated, meet all prerequisites for promotion pin-on and are established as promotable to the next rank

How is the precedence or relative rank determined among enlisted Soldiers of the same rank?

(a) According to DOR

(b) By length of active Federal service (AFS) in the Army when DORs are the same

(c) By length of total AFS when a and b are the same

(d) By date of birth when a, b, and c are the same-older is more senior

What must first-line leaders do with Soldiers who are eligible for promotion to PV2 through SSG without a waiver (fully qualified), but are not recommended for promotion?

Formally counsel these Soldiers in writing

What professional military education courses must Soldiers complete for promotion recommendation to SGT through SGM?





What is the eligibility TIS & TIG criteria for automatic promotion to PV2, PFC, and SPC?

(1) Promotion to PV2 is 6 months TIS

(2) Promotion to PFC is 12 months TIS and 4 months TIG

(3) Promotion to SPC is 24 months TIS and 6 months TIG

What are the waivers for TIS and TIG to PV2, PFC, and SPC?

(a) Promotion to PV2 may be waived at 4 months TIS

(b) Promotions to PFC may be waived at 6 months TIS and 2 months TIG

(c) Promotions to SPC may be waived at 18 months TIS and 3 months TIG

What is DA Form 4872?

Certificate of Promotion to Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs)

What is DA Form 4874?

Certificate of Promotion to Specialists Grades

What step is a critical element of ensuring the Army develops NCO leaders within the framework of leader development doctrine in order to man future formations?

That Soldiers who are competent in their current rank who show potential to serve at positions of increased responsibility will be recommended for promotion to the next higher rank

Data accuracy ensures promotion points are reflective of a Soldier's actual achievements and accomplishments. Who personally bears this responsibility?

Each Soldier bears this personal responsibility to ensure their records are accurate and reflect all information necessary to compute accurate promotion scores

What two systems automatically calculate promotion scores generated from both personnel and training data?

(1) Electronic military personnel office system (eMILPO)

(2) Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)

What is the Civilian education eligibility requirement for recommendation to SGT & SSG?

Must have high school diploma or general education development (GED)

What is the Military education eligibility requirement for recommendation to SGT & SSG?

To SGT-must have completed SSD 1 prior to board appearance to SGT

- To SSG-must be a graduate of SSD 2 prior to board appearance to SSG

What is the Time eligibility requirement for board appearance as of the 1st day of the board month for recommendation to SGT & SSG?


Secondary zone: 47 months TIS - 6 months TIG

Primary zone: 71 months TIS - 9 months TIG

Command list integration: 83 months TIS - 11 months TIG


Secondary zone: 17 months TIS - 5 months TIG

Primary zone: 35 months TIS - 7 months TIG

Command list integration: 47 months TIS - 11 months TIG

What is the Promotion board’s mission and task?

Mission: To validate the potential of Soldiers recommended for promotion by the unit CDR

Task: The board will make a recommendation of yes (recommend) or no (do not recommend) to the promotion authority for each Soldier considered

Who reviews the unit CDR’s recommendation and validates a Soldier’s recommendation with a yes or no vote to the promotion authority, recommending whether a Soldier be integrated onto the promotion recommended list?

The promotion board

Soldiers recommended for promotion by the unit CDR will appear before the promotion board. How does the board test the preparedness of the recommended Soldier to determine their potential to serve at the recommended rank?

By utilizing a question and answer format. Questions should focus on leadership, awareness of military programs, and knowledge of basic Soldiering and world affairs. The board should consider the Soldier’s overall personal appearance, bearing, self-confidence, oral expression and conversational skills, and attitude when determining each Soldier’s potential to serve at the next level of NCO responsibility

Who has the final decision to integrate a Soldier onto the promotion recommended list?

The promotion authority

What must Soldiers, who are announced as fully qualified and selected for promotion pin-on, maintain to be considered fully qualified for promotion pin-on?

A valid promotion score through the 1st day of the promotion month

What is the service obligation for promotion to SGT and SSG?

There is no service obligation incurred for promotion to SGT or SSG

What is the acronym STEP?