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The Armys leadership doctrine states that solders must satisfy 4 leadership requirments , What are they ?
1. Lead in peace and prepare for war
2.Develope individual leaders
3.Develope individual teams
4 Decentralize
Describe BE , KNOW , DO
Army leadership begins what a leader must be the values that shape a leaders character.
Your skills are those things you know how to do ,
you cannot be an effective leader , until you apply what you know to do what you must .
What is princible ?
What are the team building stages ?
1. Formation
2. Enrichment
3. Sustainment
Name the 4 human needs ?
1. Physical
2. Security
3. Social
4. Higher (religious)
What does decentralize mean ?
The release of authority for execution from senior to subordinate levels?
What does FM 22-100 cover ?
Army Leadership (BE, KNOW , DO)
What does FM 7-0 cover ?
Training the force
Define Leadership ?
Leadership is influencing people , by providing purpose , direction and motivation , while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization
What are the 4 major factors of leadership ?
1. The Led
2. The leader
3. The communication
4. The communication
What are the some princibles of leadership ?
1.Know yourself and seek self-improvment
2. Be technically and tactically proficient
3. Make sound and timley decisions
4. Set the example
5. Keep your subordinats informed
What are the 7 steps to problem solving .
1. Identify the problem
2. Id facts and assumtions
3. generate ,analyze , compare alternatives
4. Make and execute your decision .
5 access the results
What is communication
The flow of information or ideas from one person to another
Name the two barriers of communication
1. Noise of battle
2. Distance
Name some things in a unit that affects morale .
1. Mess
2. Military justice
3. Mail
4. Supply
5. Billets