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What are the categories of organizations structures ?

* functional organizations
* projectized organizations
* matrix organizations.
What is the particularity of projectized organizations ?

* A projectized organization’s structure is organized around projects.

* The project team are devoted to the project

* The project team reports directly to project manager

Project manager in a projectized organization

1- The project manager is full-time.

2- The project manager has full authority over the project team.

3- There is full-time administrative staff to help with the project.

Project manager in a functional organization
1 - Reports directly to the functional manager . 2-The project manager’s role and the project team are part-time.
3 -Project manager have not authority over resources, assignements
4 - There is little or no administrative staff to help with the project.
What is the particularity of matrix organizations ?
A matrix organization is organized into functional departments, but a project is run by a project team, with members coming from different functional departments
Type of matrix organizations

1- Strong Matrix

2 - weak matrix

3- Balanced matrix

What are element contains in project environment which influence the project ?

1- organizational culture
2 - organizational structure
3 - enterprise environmental factors
4 - organizational process assets
What is the particularity of functional organizations ?

It is a traditional organizational structure in which each functional department, such as engineering, marketing, and sales, is a separate entity .The authority is in the hand of a functional manager .

In which organizational structures does the project manager have theleast authority?

functional organization

In which organizational structures does the project manager have thegreatest authority?
matrix organization
A project manager would find team development the most difficult in which form of organization?

Weak Matrix organization