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Definee: Legislation
law making
what is the main goal of any reform movement
Belief of progressives was that
social problems could be fixed by government
2 demands of Progressivists
-a more active government
at all levels of government
Where to reform movements begin and why?
At the city level, because it is the easiest to have laws changed
t/f reforms intended to oppose political bosses
t/f political machines ussually opposed reform
t/f people wanted politicians elected on alignment with the machine as opposed to merit
Who was Seth Lew?
President of Colombia university who ran for mayor of New York and opposed Tammany Hall, but lost his campaign
T/F Seth Lew began a movement of reform and evantually won office in 1901
what does Lew's campaign show about reform
change takes time
Reformers wanted in result of triangle shirt waist fire
3/25/1911, Triangle Shirtwaist,locked door, keep women from leaving work area
What did the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire highlight a need for
safety reform in the workplace
_____ _______________ launched an attack on NYC's resistance to reform, stirring up great public support for change
Rose Schneiderman
Reformers wanted
- a fire inspector
- fire drills
- fire escapes
T/F Tammany hall and reformers work together
a ___________ in Galveston TX spurred need for emergency relief
a flood of the Ohio River in Dayton Ohio caused $100 million in damages, forced Dayton to
adopt city council to reform
Progressives sought government regulation of __________ that would not stifle capitalism
Reformers wanted Government regulation of
-city utilities such as water gas, and electricity, (necessities)
a series of reform movements that aimed to improve American society
journalist who used exaggeration to alert the public on a social problem
Upton Sinclair
wrote the jungle
The Jungle
an account of the poor meat-packing industry's working conditions
Edward Bellamy
the story of a man who wakes up in the year 2000 in a utopian society where government rules businesses
Ida Tarbell
an investive journalist, editor, teacher, and lecturer who exposed corruption in his 1900 book THE SHAME OF THE CITY
city level
Henry George
author of Progress and Povertry
Progress and Poverty
a novel by Henry George claimig that poverty had plagued society
Tammany Hall
a political machine that used bribery and spoils system to hold power
political machine
an unofficial city organization designed to keep a group of people in power
Social Welfare
program designed to ensure a basic standard of living for all citizens
Postitve Aspects of American industrialization
-morse code
-created new industries
-electic light
Negative Aspects of American Industrialization
-People in rural areas couldn' afford electicity
-social darwinism
-poor working conditions
-child labor
-robbed kids of education
- low wages
-resourses wasted
-displaced craftsmen
Positive Aspects of American Immigration
- gave hope for people in crop failures, shortages of land, rising taxes and pogroms,
- brought 30 million people to the United States
Negative Aspects of American Immigration
-Immigrants were paid little and worked long hours
-chinese immigration were excluded
Positive Aspects of American Urban Growth
-11 million people left farms and headed for the cities
-greater technology in the cities
- dumbell building made rooms brighter and cooler
- infrastructure and innovation
-centralizes everything
Negative Aspects of American Urban Growth
-crowded, hundreds of people crowded into small areas
-slums were rat infested, filled with disease, and fire hazard
Define: Progressivism
a series of reform movements that aimed to improve American Society
Why was their a varied definition of progress
different societies have different goals
What are the 4 progressive reforms
Social, Economic, Moral, Political
Direct Primaries
amendments 12 and 17
gives voters the right to directly chose presidential candidates
citizens can force a vote on an issue or bill by getting a petition
Where a voting territory either accepts or rejects a bill
De Facto Segregation
Segregation not practiced by law but by society