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Define: Dehydration
the removal of water
Define: Clearing
process of replacing the alcohol (dehydrating agent) with a reagent that is miscible with paraffin. Most leave the tissue transparent
Define: Infiltration
permeation, as in paraffin permeating (spreading or flowing throughout) tissue; impregnation
Define: Embedding
also referred to as casting or blocking, involves enclosing the tissue in the infiltration medium used for processing and then allowing the medium to solidify
Define: Universal solvent
Chemical reagent that acan be used for both the ehydrating and clearing steps in tissue processing. Dioxane, tertiary butanol, and tetrahydrofuran
Define: Essential oil
natural substance you can use for a clearing agent (instead of Xylene) ie. Eucalyptus oil, peanut oil
Define: Carbowax
a water soluable wax that will not infiltrate fatty tissue
Define: Cross-section
cutting a specimen to show the entire view
Define: Decalcification
The process of removing calcium form bone or tissue
Define: Ion exchange
used for decalcification. Method includes using an ion gradient and electrons
Define: Chelating agent
organic compounds that have the property of binding certain metals
Define: Miscible
capable of mixing or being mixed