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What is the maximum supported audio format?
24 bits and 195kHz
What is the max # of tracks that can be played back?
192 tracks
What is the max # of MIDI tracks you can have?
256 in addition to existing audio tracks
what are the incompatible ascii characters?
Mac OS Key Commands- Windows Key Commands:
Command: Control
Option: Alt
Control: Start (Win)
Return: Enter (non- numeric)
Delete: Backspace
What does the session file contain?
audio tracks, audio and video files, settings, and edits
Definition: Wavecache file
Stores waveform display data for session and enables it to open quickly.
What happens if the wavecache file is deleted?
Protools will recalculate the session waveform data, causing the system to open more slowly
About: Distinct Wavecache file
retains waveform data for all files used on the system.

stored in C:\\Digidesign Databases
Definition: Audio File
When audio is recorded, each take is stored as a separate file inside the corresponding session's audio files folder.
What audio files are compatible?
Wav, Aiff, SD II.
What is the default audio file?
Definition: Fade Files
Folder contains separate fade file documents for fade in, fade out, x-fade, created automatically by pro tools
If a fade file is deleted or moved, what does protools do?
recreates them automatically
Definition: MIDI
Exported from pro tools using the send to sibelius command and saved in an auto- created MIDI files folder in the PT sesh folder.

Named after the session, or if only one track is exported, named after the track.

if not using send to sibelius command, MIDI files folder will be saved in the sesh folder
Definition: Region Groups
folder is the default directory that PT uses for any region groups that you export from PT sesh. If not exporting, folder will remain empty and will be removed when you close the sesh.

region groups used in your sesh are not stored in this folder unless they've been exported.
Definition: RTAS
Real Time Audio Suite.