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Improved L.A. Class Sub (SSN-688i)?
Anti-sub, Spec ops, Minelaying, Precision Strike Land Attack
Torpedo Tubes - 4x 21in Mk67 located amidships
12x VLS tubes located forward
Weapons - Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM/LAM Missiles
Mk-48 ADCAP (Advance Detecting Capability) Torpedoes
Ohio Class Strategic Missile Sub (SSBN 726)
Strategic Missile employment and deterrence
Missiles -
24x Trident I C-4 SLBM (for SSBN 726-733)
24x Trident II D-5 SLBM (for SSBN 734-743)
Torpedo Tubes - 4x 21 in Mk 68 tubes located amidships
ASW Weapons - Mk 48 torpedoes
What is done to evaulate the mission's success post-attack and what is it composed of?
Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)- physical and functional damage ass. and target system ass.
Done with Electronic Support (ES)
After BDA, what are the possible next courses of action?
a) Attack again
b) Withdraw from the area
c) Detach an additional SAG
Sea Sparrow, radar guided, surface to air missile (SAM) can engage incoming missiles and aircraft, basic air defense, fired from Mk29 8 cell launcher
What's the rule of thumb?
shoot, shoot, look, shoot, shoot
Standard Missile, Navy's primary fleet defense surface-to-air missile (SAM), medium/extended range, many versions ("blocks") i.e. Block IIIb, launched from Mk41 VLS, Mk26 Dual rail launcher, or Mk13 Single rail launcher
What's the Mission Definition?
To deny the enemy effective use of surface warships and cargo-carrying capability while ensuring allied ability to effectively employ surface warships and cargo carrying vessels
What does the DEcentralized command model do?
Divides decision-making authority among principle warfare commanders, functional commanders, and coordinators (subordinates maintain tactical control)
CVN nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
center of battle group, provide off. and def. support w/air wing assets
68 Nimitz
69 Dwight D. Eisenhower
70 Carl Vinson
71 Theodore Roosevelt
72 Abraham Lincoln
73 George Washington
74 John C. Stennis
75 Harry S. Truman
76 Ronald Reagan
The Navy of today
301 Ship, joint, networked force that will expand into areas of long range strike, intelligence, reconnaissance.
What are the rolls of Surface Warfare
1-Land Attack
2-Theater Air Dominance
3-Maritime Dominance
4-Joint Command, COntrol, Communication, Computers, Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
What's Theater Air Dominance?
A roll of surface warfare -
allows joint and combined forces freedom of action in the littoral by denying enemy exploitation of the air battle space.
What's maritime dominance?
A roll of surface warfare -
dominates the seaward extension of the littoral to provide joint and combined forces unimpeded accress to areas of interest.
What's Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Informations, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance?
A roll of surface warfare-
Provides situational awareness for integration and coordination of joint element maneuvers and sensor-to-shooter connectivity for weapons employment.
What does the composite warfare concept do?
Decentralizes command and control in order to facilitate quick decision making and give forces flexibility in combat.
What are the 2 precepts of the CWC Concept?
Decentralized Command and Command by Negation
CG 47 Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruiser?
Primarily fleet air defense - using AEGIS combat system and the Standard Missile, also anti-surface, anti-sub, and strike rolls
What is Command by Negations?
The rule that the CWC can "command override" if necessary at any time - frees central authority from "micro-management"
What is the difference between principle warfare commanders, functional commanders, and supporting commanders?
Warfare commanders, when authorized by CWC, have tactical control of those resources assigned to them and may autonomously initiate action. Supporting coordinators may only execute policy.
Are the CWC and the OTC usually the same person?
What is the CWC?
Composite Warfare Commander - central command authority that directs the force as dictated by the situation - usually a Rear Admiral in command of a Carrier Battle Group stationed on CVN with the Commander Air Group (CAG) staff
What does CAG stand for?
Commander Air Group
Who is the OTC?
The Officer in Tactical Control , is responsible for successful completion of mission and maneuvering the main body
When is the CWC not the OTC?
(i.e.) In an amphibious landing, tactical command shifts to a shore-based commander once the marines have secured a beachhead.
Who are the warfare commanders who report to the CWC and what are they responsible for?
AWC - Air Warfare CDR - protect from hostile air threats, employ offensice air assets
USWC - Undersea Warfare CDR - " w/subs
SUWC - Surface Warfare CDR - " w/surface threats
SCC - Sea Combat CDR - combined roll, AW, SUW, USW, and MIO
STWC - Strike Warfare CDR - power projection strikes against foreign shore + secondary AWC
C2WC - Command and Control Warfare CDR - Conduct of Information Ops
What does MIO stand for?
Maritime Intercept Operations
What are the 4 phases of Surface Warfare?
1 - SSC&I Surface, Surveillance, Communications, and Identification Phase
2 - Approach
3 - Attack
4 - Post-Attack
What is the objective of the SSC&I phase?
to locate, identify, and target potentially hostile contacts using RADAR and SONAR, satellite information, visual identification, info from other platforms
What does RADAR stand for?
Radio Detecting and Ranging
What does OTH-T stand for?
Over-the-Horizon Targeting
What are the key considerations of an attack?
a) Determination of a Simultaneuos Time-on-Top (STOT) or Designated Time-on-Top (DTOT) for Ant-ship missiles
b) Missile Inventory
c) # of Missiles required to neutralize the target and designations of shooters
d) Probability weapon will acquire intended target
What does SONAR stand for?
Sound Navigation and Ranging
Weapons on CG 47 Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser?
1x Mk 45 5in, 54 cal DP deck gun
1x Mk 41 61 cell VLS
1x Mk 16 Phalanx CIWS (Port)
1x Mk 16 Phalanx CIWS (Starboard)
Helo Deck
2x Mk 32 12.75in triple torpedo tubes
1x Mk 41 61 cell VLS
1x Mk 45 5in, 54 cal DP deck gun
2x Mk 141 Quad Harpoon Canisters
DD/DDG Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer?
fleet air defense w/AEGIS, Standard Missile, ASUW, AUS, striker
Weapons on DDG51 Arleigh Burker Class Guided Missile Destroyer?
1x Mk 45 5in, 54 cal DP deck gun
1x Mk 41 32 cell VLS
1x Mk 16 Phalanx CIWS (Forward)
1x Mk 16 Phalanx CIWS (Aft)
2x Mk 141 Quad Harpoon Canisters (in flights I/II only)
2x Mk 32 12.75in triple torpedo tubes
1x Mk 41 64 cell VLS
Helo Deck
FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate?
Screening platform, ANTI-SUB, capable of anti-air and anti-surface
Weapons on FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate?
1x Mk 13 Surface to Air Missile Launcher
6x Mk 32 12.75in triple topedo tubs
1x Mk 75 76 mm AA gun
1x Mk 16 20mm (multi-barrel) Phalanx CIWS in active ships and FFG-13
Helo deck
Attack Subs?
Conduct Anit-sub screening and over-the-horizon targeting
5" 54-cal Mk45 Gun
Light Weight Gun Mount (LWGM), Navy's primary anti-surface gun battery and Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) weapon, versatile and accurate, used in AA defense in depth capacity, 16-20 rounds/minute, 13 mile range (approx. horizon)
76 mm/62 caliber Mk75 OTO-Melara Gun
Installed on Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates, engages both air and surface threats, smaller & lighter than Mk-45, 80 rounds/minute, 10 mile range
What new platforms are coming out for the Carrier Strike Groups?
CG-X. DD-X, LCS (Littoral Combat Ship)
basic anti-ship missile w/active radar seeker which utilizes a sea-skimming capability ro fly under a target ship's radar or a pop-up capability to obtain a larger overview for target detection, .85 mach (not supersonic)
Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM), highly modified Navy version of Sidewinder AAM, short range, shoots down incoming anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM), fired from lightweight 21-cell launcher
What are the 3 types of sonar equipment?
active, passive, tactical towed array system (TACTAS)
What are the four types of sonar equipment?
Active, Passive, and Tactical Towed Array System (TACTAS)
What are the four types of radar equipment?
Air Search Radar, Surface Search (can't determine alt.), AEGIS, Target Illumination
When is morning colors?
From what range do you salute the flag?
6 paces away to 6 paces past
On which side is the flag carried?
Where is a flag attached to on a vehicle?
The right fender
Flag on a building?
Stars Away
Flag over the Street?
E on N/S st., N on E/W st.
Raised and lowered? Above/Below?
First, Last, Above
In a window?
Stars on left
Upside down?
Distress Signal
Behind a speaker on his right
In a hall or lobby?
Vertically, stars on left
On a casket?
Draped across, stars at left shoulder, not lowered into grave
Philo McGiffen
CDR in Chinese Navy, cannon balls, Class of 1882, 1st naval off. to captain battle ship (Chen Yuen) and be wounded while doing so
DDG 963 Spruance?
No Aegis, yes land attack and antisub
20mm Phalank CIWS, 6-barreled, fires 20mm projectiles at 4550 rounds per mintue, shoots down incoming missiles and aircraft (AA), can defend against small boats on frigates if mounted low enough, mount includes white-domed radar and fire control system, usually fired in 100 round burst
Land Attack
A role of Surface warfare -
provide prescision strike and surface fires from sea to enable freedom of manuever by joint and combine forces and successful prosecution of joint land battle.
What are the 4 steps to approach?
1 - Organize a Surface Action Group (SAG) of 1+ ships
2 - Detach the SAG to prosecute the threat
3 - Review the Target info and pass it to fire control stations (FCS)
4 - Maintain Emissions Control (EMCON) to minimize energy emissions while maintaining baseline communications to avoid giving info away to the enemy
Vertical Launch ASROC (Anti-sub Rocket), is a Mk46 launched by a small rocket motor, fired from Mk41 VLS, denies target sub chance to detect and react to torpedo because it drops the torpedo directly on top of the sub