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What is pretend play defined by Lillard ?



Mental representation

Projected to reality




What Haight and Miller (1993) found ?

As the age increased, the pretend play increased

What Piaget said about pretend play

Immature conception of reality, unsocial process

What does Vygotsky said about pretend play

Learn from the adults, social activity, acquired pretense

What is the differences between instrumental and pretend play ?


- can be learned via imitation the real function of the object

- can learn by their own


- pretending from the real functions (acah acah)

- can't learn by their own

What Rackozy et al (2005) found

- children imitate both instruental and pretend similar ways

- higher instrumental actions, lower creative pretend acts

- high social behaviours

What is Theory of Mind

Commonsense understanding + appreciation of mental states

What is Autism

Lifelong development disability + impairment of understanding

What are the characteristics of autistic person

- aloof

- lack eye contact

- odd speech

- candid emotions

- unusual sensory experiences

- strange obsession

Aspergers ?

- above avrage intelligence

- difficult to adapt changes

- difficult to understand social situations

- learn social skils by theory instead of practicality

What Charman and Baron-Cohen (1997) found ?

Autism needs pretense to do pretend play