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cum (+ abl)
with; against, down from
apud (+ acc)
near; in the writings of; at the house of; before; in the presence of
a, ab (+ abl)
from, away from; by; after; on
ante (+ acc)
in front of; before; off the coast of
propter (+ acc)
because of, for the sake of
ad (+ acc)
to; at; on; to the house of
ob (+ acc)
because of; for
contra (+ acc)
sub (+ acc)
under; toward; just before; at about
inter (+ acc)
between, among; during
supra (+ acc)
over, above; north of; beyond
circum (+ acc)
e, ex (+ abl)
out of,; of; from ....on; by; from
extra (+ acc)
outside; beyond
de (+ abl)
down from; about, concerning
in (+ acc)
into; to; against
pro (+ abl)
in front of; for (the sake of); on behalf of; instead of
infra (+ acc)
below; south of
in (+ abl)
in; on; among
per (+ acc)
through; throughout; along; during; through the agency of
intra (+ acc)
within, inside
post (+ acc)
after; behind
prope (+acc)
sine (+ abl)
sub (+ abl)
under; at the foot of
super (+ abl)
about, concerning