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_____ provides the highest level of prehospital care, including advanced assessments, formation of a field impression, and invasive and drug interventions
the first person on the scene who has emergency care training is ____
emergency medical responder
_____ is an organization that coordinates emergency care as part of the continuum of health care
ems system
Care provided prior to transport to the hospital is called
prehospital or out of hospital care
_____ performs the respnosibilities of an emt with the addition of the use of advanced airway devices, monitoring of blood glucose levels, initiation of intravenous and intraosseous infusions, and administration of a select number of medications
advanced emergency medical technician
____ provides basic emergency medical care and transportation to patients who access the ems system including advanced oxygen therapy and ventilation equipment, pulse oximetry, use of automatic blood pressure monitoring equipment, and limited medication and administration
The emt's responsibilities for scene safety include
my own safety first, then safety of partner, then patient, then bystanders.
the responsibility for maintaining an emt's certification or licensure to practice is the responsibility of the
the risk of being struck by traffic at nighttime scenes is
reduced by wearing reflective clothing and providing adequate scene lighting.
when you arrive at a dangerous scene and the law enforcement agency is not there yet, you should
move to an area where you can observe the scene and await arrival of law enforcement.
a process of internal and external reviews and audits of all aspects of an emergency medical system is called
quality improvement
describe evidence-based medicine
formulates a question about emergency care that needs to be answered, uses the medical literature for research data that are related to question, appraises evidence for validity and reliability, and if evidence supports change in practice, changes protocols and implements change in prehospital emergency care.
what are the responsibilities of a medical director?
clinical and patient care aspects of ems system, including both on line and of line medical direction.
what is the relationship between emt and ems system medical director?
the emt functions as a designated agent of the system medical director.
honoring patients' requests is known as
patient advocacy