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What three components do paints consist of and what are they?

Pigment: powdered coloring agents that have traditionally been derived from plant animal and mineral sources
Medium(painting): mixes with the pigment to hold the pigment together, and helps it adhere to the surface.
Vehicle: works to spread the pigments or color
What are some examples of vehicles in painting?
Some examples are oil-linseed oil, turpentine, Tempera egg yolk and water colors-water gum Arabic and water.
What is the relationship between support and ground?
Support includes wall, wood panel, paper, canvas, ect. Ground primes and colors the surface. It protects support from absorbing paint, creates a uniform surface and texture and can set the underlying color relationships(White, cool, warm, ect).
What is Fresco and what are some examples of it?
ancient painting technique on walls, finely ground pigment in water applied to a damp line of plastered surface. Some examples include Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry and Michelangelo's work on the 16th chapel.
What work is an example of both oil and tempura.
Madonna and Child With The Chancellor Rolin.
What is watercolor and what are some examples of it?
Water color paintings are made by applying pigment suspended in a solution of water and gum arabic (a resin from the acacia tree). Some examples are Winslow Homer's Sloop, Nassau, Jacob Lawrence's Going Home, and Qi Baishi's Landscape.
What are acrylics and what is an example of it?
In acrylics pigment is suspended in acrylic polymer medium, which provides a fast-drying ,flexible film. Some other properties are that they are waterproof and work well when paint is applied with little blending. An example of the above mentioned property is David Hockey's A Bigger Splash.