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3 parts of the missouri compromise
1)Missouri became a slave state
2)Maine became a free state
3)Imaginary line drawn at 36.30, Above=free, below = slave
loyalism to one's section or home state/region rather tha the whole country
ex(north v.s. south)
Popular sovereignty
control by the people
to remove from

ex(Southern states secede from the union)
south+ North

The comromise of 1850
-California is a free state
-Ended slave trade in Washington , DC
-Divided Mex. Cession between New. Mex. and Utah
-Strict fugitive slave law
-settled a border dispute between Texas and New. Mex.
The fugitive slave law of 1850
-required all northerners to return runaway slaves or be fined $1000
Uncle Tom's Cabin
-written by Harriet Beecher Stowe
-controversial novel of a slave being whipped to death
Kansas-Nebraska act
-Nebraska territory is divided between Neb. and Kansas voted by pop. sovereignty
-proposed by Stephen Douglass
Bleeding Kansas
border ruffians voted illegally and armed gangs killed civilians
John Brown
A freesoil fanatic, led 5 men to pottawattomie creek and killed 5 proslavery settlers
Dred Scott Decision
slavery was legal in all states, court ruled tha the could not file a lawsuit, not given freedom
Abraham Lincoln
a young republican, born in kentucky, won election of 1860 and was union president
Confederate States of America
named Jefferson Davis president, South Carolina was the first state to secede
The South Left The North And Valiant Men Fought At Gettysburg
Fort Sumter
first battle of civil war
union surrendered it to the CSA
The belief that one race is superior to another
Union advantages
-more population
-More factories
-Strong Navy
-abraham Lincoln
Union Disadvantages
-Huge area to conquer
-Long suplly lines
-offensive war
-Unfamiliar territory
Confederate Soldiers advantages
-Well trained officers
-Robert E Lee
-Hunting and riding skills
-defensive war
-Knew the terrain
Confederate Soldiers disadvantages
-less population
-less rail roads
-States governments
-Weak navy
-less factories
Robert E LEE
-commander of the CSA army
-Tactitian and best confederate general
"stonewall" Jackson
-Confederate general
-Killed by a conferderate sentry
-Stonewall in battle
Battle of Antietam
-no side was a clear winner, although the union claimed a victory
-23,000 casualties on both sides
Battles of Fredericksburg and chancellorsville
-Bad defeats for the union
- hight cost for victory -many CSA casualties
Ulysses s Grant
-Captured Ft Donelson and Ft Henry on the Tennessee River
-Union's best general
Battle of Shiloh
-confederates won
-Very bloody battle
to free
Emancipation Proclamation
was issued to free all slaves in the confederacy, issued on January 1st , 1863
54th Massachusetts Regiment
-first all black unit
-commanded by Robert Gould Shaw
-fought at Ft Wagner
Draft Law
-required all men betewwn the ages of 20-40 to join the army, you could pay $300 to avoid it
The Battle of Gettysburg
-The confederates worst defeat
-union's well-needed victory
-last major battle of the civil war
-40,000 total casualties
Total War
war against civilians as well as soldiers
Sherman's March to the sea
Destroyed miles of railroad track ad framland and captured Atlanta, Georgia
Sheridan in the Shenandoah
destroyed all farmland and useful equipment to the CSA
Lee Surrenders at Apottomax courthouse
Lee surrenders 25,000 men, no prisoners, war is over, officers keep pistols and swords, soldiers keep horses
Total Casualties of the civil war
360,000 Union
258,000 Confederate