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The + symbol found before a code refers to which of the following in the CPT manual?
Primary procedure requires an additional code
An insurance specialist for a family practice needs to complete a claim form to get reimbursed for the provider's services. Which of the following should the billing and coding specialist complete?
CMS-1500 claim form
an insurance claims register facilitates which of the following ?
follow up of insurance claims by date
which of the following is the purpose of precertification?
verification of benefits
A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy presents to her providers office with a diagnosis of a sprained wrist notable swelling due to falling on a wet floor at a supermarket. The provider documented no relationship between the sprain and pregnancy. Which of the following accurately reflects the appropriate sequencing of ICD-9-CM codes?
Sprained wrist, pregnancy, fall on the floor
Which of the following actions should be taken when reviewing a delinquent claim?
verify the age of the account
A patient who is pregnant was admitted to the hospital with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes mellitus. The code 648.03, which indicates antepartum diabetes mellitus, is assigned to her. After reviewing the assignment, the billing and coding specialist should recognize that
the diagnosis requires an additional code
A provider is running a T3/T4 test. On which of the following anatomical sites and body system is the provider running the test?
Thyroid and endocrine system
all email correspondence to a third party payer containing patients protected health information should be
A patient complains of frequent urination, constant thirst, and weight loss. A review of family history reveals the patients mother had diabetes mellitus. Which of the following lab tests should the provider use to rule out diabetes?
Which of the following plans requires providers to adhere to managed care provisions?
Health maintenance organization plan
A billing and coding specialist should adhere to legal and ethical means at the workplace to ensure
the integrity of the preofession
Which of the following is the correct term for tube in the urinary system that transports urine from the kidney?
Which of the following symptoms is associated with nocturia?
excessive urination at night
Which of the following describes Category III codes?
emergency technology
in managed care organizations, PPOs help control a patients insurance cost by
offering low cost deductibles
ambulatory surgery centers, home health care, and hospice organizations use the
UB-04 claim form
a patients employer has not submitted a premium payment. Which of the following claim statues should the provider receive from the third-party payer?
in which of the following departments should a patient be seen for psoriasis?