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Usually, most of the load placed on an APU occurs when?

The bleed air valve is opened

An APU is usually rotated during start by?

An electric starter

On APU's equipped with a free turbine and a load compressor, the primary function of the load compressor is to?

Provide bleed air for the aircraft pneumatic systems

The function of an APU air inlet plenum is to?

Stabilize the pressure of the air before it enters the compressor

When in operation, the speed of APU

Remains at or near rated speed regardless of the load condition

Generally, when maximum APU shaft output power is being used in conjunction with pneumatic power

Pneumatic loading will be automatically modulated to maintain a safe EGT

Fuel scheduling during APU start and under varying pneumatic bleed and electrical load is maintained

Automatically by the APU fuel control system

Fuel is normally supplied to an APU from

The airplanes main fuel supply

When necessary, APU engine cooling before shutdown may be accomplished by

Closing the bleed air valve

Frequently, an aircraft auxiliary power unit generator

Is identical to the engine-driven generators