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Find the volume in cubic metres of a cylindrical tank that is 3 m in diameter and 16 m long.
If the radius of a sphere is 5 cm, the volume in cubic cm is
If the diameter of a cylinder is 2.3 m and the height is 334 cm, calculate the surface area in square metres.
What is the total surface area in square cm of a closed cylinder that is 12 cm high and 3 cm in diameter?
A steel tube has an outside diameter of 15 cm, an inside diameter of 13 cm, and is 3.7 m long. The volume of the steel contained in the tube in cubic cm is
250 m3 = _____dm3
Calculate the height of a rectangular box 54.000 cm long, 21.000cm wide and a volume of 41958.000 cu cm.
Calculate the volume of a cylindrical tank 7.000 m in diameter and 9.000 m in length. Give the answers in cubic metres
Calculate the mass of water in kg contained in a rectangular tank with the following inside dimensions:

width of 8.400 metres height of 13.000 metres length of 11.000 metres
What is the surface area of a cylinder with a diameter of 4 cm and height of 6 cm? (include the areas of the ends)
100.5 square cm
A cylinder has a surface area of 10 square metres (including the areas of the ends) and a diameter of 75 cm. What is the height of the cylinder in metres?
A cylinder has a surface area (including the areas of the ends) of 180.6 cm2 and a diameter of 5 cm. What is the height of the cylinder?
9.0 cm
Calculate the height of a rectangular tank filled with water holding 13500.000 litres. The length of the tank is 2.600 m and the width is 1.200 m. (Round to 3 decimal places)