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Why is a minimum SID of 72 inches used?
To decrease magnification of the heart and increase recorded detail.
Why do you examine patients in the upright position?
1) The diaphragm is at its lowest point.
2) Air or fluid levels are seen.
3) Engorgement of the pulmonary vessels is also avoided.
How far should the upper border of the IR be above the relaxed shoulders?
1 1/2 to 2 inches
On a PA what should be centered to the midline of the IR?
The midsagittal plane of the patient's body
What do you do with the chin?
Extend it upward so that it does not interfere with the xray.
Why do you flex the arms and rest them on the back of the hips?
This rotates the scapulae laterally so that they are not superimposed over the lungs.
What do you do with the shoulders?
Depress and rotate them forward to postition them below the lung apices.
Where should the CR be located?
Perpendicular to the center of the IR. The CR should enter at the level of T7.
What ways will the lungs expand?
On what breath is the exposure taken?
The second breath on full inspiration.
How many ribs should show above the diafrom the diaphragm?
What part of the lungs should show in a radiograph?
From the apices to the costophrenic angles.
Sternal position
Make sure there is no rotation.
Sternal of the clavicles equidistant from the vertebral column.
Scapula position
Scapulae projected outside the lung fields.
In a lateral projection, what should be parallel with the IR?
midsagittal plane
In a lateral projection, where should the coronal plane be?
Perpendicular to the IR and centered with the midline of the grid
On a lateral, where should the CR enter the patient?
On the midcoronal plane at the level of T7