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Exploratory studies are done most often for purposes of:
satisfying a researcher's curiousity, testing feasibility of a more careful study, developing methods to be used in a more careful study.
The degree of relationship between two variales is of particular concern in which type of study?
Researcher Lewis spends three months as a choir member touring Europe to see what off-stage choir member interaction is all about. This is an example of which kind of study?
Professor John has just discovered that amount of time spent in social activities has a causal influence on academic performance. This is an example of which kind of study?
If a researcher wanted to find out how much time elderly persons in nursing homes spend interacting with each other, the researcher would conduct which kind of study?
Which of the following best reflects the ecological fallacy?
Data gathered from groups, conclusions drawn about individuals.
Read the following statement and then determine the unit of analysis: "most Americans believe in God." What unit of analysis is reflected?
Read the following and then determine the unit of analysis: "10% of families in a community move within a year." Which unit of analysis is reflected?
Read the following and determine the unit of analysis: "cartoons today show greater violence then do cartoons from ten years ago." What unit of analysis is reflected?
A particular weakness of cross-sectional studies is that:
they makes it difficult to infer causality.
Professor Lodwicky used the 1990 US Census and the 2000 Census to compare the average family size. This reflects which type of study?
Trend Study.
Whic type of study would best enable a researcher to assess changes associated with attending college for four years?
Which one of the following is not an appropriate strategy for approximating longitudinal studies when only cross-sectional data are available?
Examining iferences in responses to those who return their questionnaires early rather than late.
The research proposal generally begins with:
a statement of a problem or objective.
Which of the following best reflects the nomothetic model of explanation?
Professor Wong wishes to identify the major causes of religiousity.
Which of the following hypotheses best fits the three criteria of causality?
An increase in eductional attainment causes an increase in status attainment in occupation, controlling for several variables.