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Pluralism contends that, on most issues,

it is the preference of the special interest that largely determines what government does.

Effective inside lobbying is based upon

providing useful and persuasive information to key officials.

Most lobbyists receive support from elected officials in direct exchange for


Outside lobbying does not include the use of

developing and maintaining close contacts with policymakers.

Like all other rights, the right of free expression is

not absolute.

_____ provides no free television time to political parties and allows candidates to purchase air time.

The United States

_____ is based on judgment about the past performance of an elected official or political party.

Retrospective voting

When it comes to protest activities, a majority of Americans are

not highly supportive of such activities, despite America's tradition of free expression.

A set of lobbyists, legislators, policy experts, and executives who come together temporarily in debate over a complex policy issue is

an issue network.

The individual freedoms in the Bill of Rights were extended by the Fourteenth Amendment to include protection from deprivation of due process rights by

actions of state and local governments.