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closed primary
primary election in which only registered party members may vote
Activities directed toward cotrolling the distribution of political resources by providing executive legislative leadership, enacting agendas, mobilizing support, and building coalitions
substantial and long term shift in party allegiance by individuals adn groups, usually resulting in change in policy direction
system in which successful party candidates reward supporters with jobs or favors
Party Machine
Mass based party system in which parties provided services and resources to voters in exchange for votes
Responsible Party Model
party government when four conditions are met clear choice of ideologies;candidates pledged to impletment ideas;party held accountable by boters; party control over members
Nominating convention
Formal party gathering to choose candidates
Party Base
Members of a political party who consistently vote for that partys candidates
Party Platform
List of policy positions a party endorses and pledges its elected officals to enact
Party-in-the electorate
ordinary citizens who identity with the party
open primary
primary election in which eligible voters do not need to be registered party members
Party Discipline
Ability of party leaders to bring party members in teh legislature into line with the party program
Splinter Party
A third party that breaks off from one of the major political parties
Party Identification
Voter affiliation witha political party
Party Era
extended period of relative political stability in which one party tends to control both the presidency and the congress
Party Boss
Party leader, usually in an urban district who excercised tight control over electioneering and patronage
The process of getting a person elected to public office
Party Activists
The party faithful; the rank and file members who actually carry out the parts electioneerings efforts
Critical Election
An election signaling the significant change in popular allegiance from one party to another
Party In goverment
Members of the party who have been elected to serve in government
Party Primary
Nomination of party candidates by registered party members rather than party bosses