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intentional course of action followed by a gov't institution for resolving an issue of public concern.
public policy
goods that cannot be divided
public goods
steps taken to put a policy into practice. i.e. hiring police, building prisons.
policy implementation
concept that govt must treat people as individuals rather than members of groups
equality under law
Right of all individuals to realize the human potential to become whatever their personal abilities allow.
equality of opportunity
Idea that a social group's percentage in the overall population should be equaled by its share of material benefits.
proportional equality
use of race as one among several factors in selecting from an open applicant pool.
racial preference
provided federal funds to meet the language needs of non-english speaking students
Bilingual education act of 1974
educational reform movement with objective to change traditional views of the western european impact on the americas; emphasis placed on respecting the diverse and disparate ethnic elements in american society
law that forbids discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, or gender in employment or public
Civil rights act of 1964