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What is politics?

A process that resolves conflict within a society &/or a struggle over power or influence within organizations or informal groups.

Sixth Amendment

Have a right to a speedy trial.

What is liberty?

the greatest freedom of the individual consistent with the freedom of other individuals.

Why were the Founders skeptic about direct democracy?

Becuase the people may be uneducated & might resort to mob rule.

What does the concept of universal suffrage refer to?

The right of all adults to vote for a representitive in government.

What is Elite Theory?

The perspective that society is ruled by a small number of people who exercise power to further thier self-interests.


The theory that politics involve conflict among interest groups using bargaining & compromise.


An ECONOMIC system marked by the private ownership of wealth-creating assests, free markets, and freedom of contract.

An Ideology

A comprehensive set of beliefs about the nature of people & the role of government.

One thing Conservatives dont endorse?

Redistribution of income.

One thing Liberals dont endorse?

A limited role for the government in helping individuals.

Why did the Founders design the Electoral College system?

They hoped the people would lobby the electors.

Why were taxes imposed on the colonists?

To pay the costs of Britians defense of the colonies during the French & Indian War.

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal"

The Declaration Of Independence

Social Contract

A voluntary agreement among individuals to secure thier rights & welfare by creating a government & abiding by its rules.

What was changed that the Founders replaced The Articles Confederation?

It allowed the states to retain most of the power.

What brought on the Constitutional Convention in 1787?

The failure of the Articles Of Confederation.

What does the supremacy doctrine assert of superiority?

National law over state law.

The Great Compromise

Proposed a bicameral legislature with equal representation in the Senate.

What did the 3/5 Compromise not do?

Give blacks representation that was equal to what free whites recieved.

Why was Seperation Of Powers included in the Constitution?

To prevent tyranny by either the majority or minority.


People who supported the Constitution over the Articles Of Confederation.


Opposed the Constitution against the Articles Of Confederation.

Judicial Review

The ability of the courts to declare acts of the legislative & executive branches of government unconstitutional.