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The Freedom of information Act, lets any member of the public apply to an agency for access to unclassified documents in its archives.
Mechanism for delay in the Senate in which one or more members engage in a continuous speech to prevent the Senate from voting on a bill.
Specific amount of money designated at the request of a member of Congress for a favored project, usually in his or her district.
Pork Barrel projects
Special projects, buildings, and other public works in the district or state of a member of Congress that he or she supports because they provide jobs for constituents and enhance the member's reelection chances, rather than because the projects are necessarily wise.
A method of stopping a filibuster by limiting debate to only twenty more hours; requires vote of three-fifths of the members of the Senate.
Congress's responsibility to make sure the bureaucracy is administering federal programs in accordance with congressional intent.
Activist Judges
Judges who are not reluctant to overrule the other branches of government by declaring laws or actions of government officials unconstitutional.
Restrained Judges
Judges who are reluctant to overrule the other branches of government by declaring laws or actions of government officials unconstitutional.
Judicial Review
The authority of the courts to declare laws or actions of government officials unconstitutional.
The authority of a court to hear and decide cases.
Members of HOR who work to maintain party unity by keeping in contact with party members and trying to ensure they vote for party-backed bills.
Executive Orders
Rules or regulations issued by the president that have the force of law; issued to implement constitutional provisions or statutes
Signing Statements
Written comments a president may attach to a law after signing it and sending it to the Federal Register for publication.
Executive privilege
The authority of the president to withhold specific types of information from the courts and Congress
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Order issued by a higher court to a lower court to send up the record of a case for review
Budget legislation that specifies the amount of authorized funds that will actually be allocated for agencies and departments to spend
Budget legislation that provides agencies and departments with the legal authority to operate
Standing Committee
permanent congressional committees
Conference Committee
committee composed of members of both houses of Congress that is formed to try to resolve the differences when the two houses pass different versions of the same bill.
process of redistributing the 435 seats in the HOR among the states based on population changes
process of redrawing the boundaries of congressional districts within a state after a census to take account of population shifts
presidents constitutional role as head of the armed forces with power to direct their use
Chief Executive
role the president serves as head and chief administrator of the federal bureaucracy
War Powers Resolution
statute enacted by Congress to limit the president's ability to commit troops to combat without congressional approval