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Social factors
- Widespread (not universal) participation permitted by the Constitution
- No national religion
- Religious diversity accepted as a nation
- No political orthodoxy (Taliban)
Economic system
- Americans like "free market" but no "laissez faire"
- Prefer quality of opportunity versus equality for all
- Share the idea of "economic individualism"
- Will accept some inequality, but will not tolerate specific class divisions
Elements of American political system
- Liberty
- Equality
- Democracy
- Civic duty
- Individual responsibility
Alexis de Tocqueville
- 1835- "Democracy in America"
- Wrote about what he saw in America
Stress on personal achievement:

- Work
- Save money
- Obey secular laws
- Do good work(s)
- Embrace "Protestant work ethic"
- Miniature political system produced by churches so civic and political skills could develop
- Family values instill the way we think about politics
- Adverbial culture due to mistrust of authority (King George of England)
- Firm belief in natural rights
- Americans very religious compared to other industrialized nations
- Religion plays an important role in politics
- Separation of church and state, but can mingle over some issues (abortion)