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Electoral System

The system that is used to elect members of congress

Single member plurality district system

-How we elect Congress members.

-Country is divided into districts and each member of Congress represents it. Only one member can be elected for each one. In each district you don't need a majority, you need a plurality (more than the other people to win)


A way that parties redraw congressional districts to favor their own party

Duverger's Law

When you have a SMDP system there will be two parties because people will vote strategically


Money has to be raised while running and after election

Speaker of the House

-Most important of the House

-Only position in Congress in the constitution

-Third in line for presidency

-Doesnt have to be a member of the House but usually is

-Decides what bills get voted on

-Paul Ryan is the current speaker

Majority Leader

-Currently Kevin McCarthy

-The Number two in the party, controls administration

-Is a negotiator for the speaker

- Is a member of the majority party

Minority Leader

-Currently Nancy Polesi

-Has no power and their only job is to become a majority leader

-Leader of the minority party

The Whips

-There one from the majority and one from the minority party

-Job is to get members to vote with the party

Senate Majority leader

-Mitch Miconell

-The highest ranking position

Roll call vote

A vote in which each senator votes "yea" or "nay" as his or her name is called by the clerk, so that the names of senators voting on each side are recorded

Party Vote

a vote in which a substantial majority of members of a political party votethe same way

Party unity

when a major political party is in agreement about their politics, their policies, and/or their leadership.

Standing committee

Permanent committees established under the standing rules of the Senate

Select committee

A small legislative committee appointed for a special purpose.

Conference committee

The Senate and House sit down

Distributive theory

Equal work should provide individuals with an equal outcome in terms of goods acquired or the ability to acquire goods.

Omnibus legislation

When the government combines bills together


-To close down a filibuster

-This only happens in the Senate

-Need a majority of 60 to do it