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-Rules that allows the government to control individuals or corporations

-What bureaucrats do

Notice and Comment Procedure

Citizens can give feedback before regulation passes

Federal register

Official account of all the regulation passed

State capacity

refer to the ability of a government to administer its territory effectively

Red Tape

excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules and formalities, especially in public business

Standard operating procedures

-The rules and procedures bureaucrats have to follow

-Ensures something seriously won't go wrong

Federal Civil Service

System of hiring bureaucrats based on qualifications

Regulatory Capture

What happens when a bureaucrat becomes to close with the industry it's suppose to be regulating. They begin to support them

Budget Maximizers

Burreacrars who waste money. They ask for money even when they don't need it

Turkey Farms

Agencies where the president sends his loyal people who don't have any qualifications


Designed to prevent bureaucratic drift

Bureaucratic drift

When a bureaucrat does things that Congress doesn't allow them to do