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Kde se vyvyje oocytu--zrala vajicka?

V povrchve--korove--vrstve vajecniku

Kolik zarodku vajicek ma embryo?

Kolem 400,000

Parts of the brain in charge of releasing female hormones?

hypothalamus a adenohypofyza

Co je funkce vajcovod?

zachytit vajicko uvolnene ze zraleho Graafova folikulu vajecniku a transport vajicko do delohy

Zrani spermie trva od meiozy priblizne.......dni


vyzivu zrajicich spermii zabezpecuji v kanalkach verlat

Sertoliho bunky

Sertoliho bunky

Kde proiha synteza pohlavnich hormonu?

V Leydigovych bunkach varlat

Spermie zije v nadvarlech:

40 dni

Where do men ejaculate from?

z chamovodu

v jakem fazi se zytcari Graafuv folikle?


Bunky Graafovy produkuji


K uvolneni vajicka z folikulu je potrebna zvyseni hladiny hormonu.....odkud kam?

FSH a LH z adenohypofyzy do krve

behem lutealni fazi zlute telisko produkuje 10 dni

progesteron. pokus zena otehotni, 6 mesicu...pak to vyrobi placenta

menstruace je 24 hodin po jake faze?


 A sac-like structure primarily involved in nutrition and excretion, and is webbed with blood vessels.   
A sac-like structure primarily involved in nutrition and excretion, and is webbed with blood vessels.


A membarane which is formed by extraembryonic mesoderm and the two layers of trophoblast that surround the embryo and other membranes. The chorionic villi emerge from it, invade the endometrium, and allow transfer of nutrients from maternal...
A membarane which is formed by extraembryonic mesoderm and the two layers of trophoblast that surround the embryo and other membranes. The chorionic villi emerge from it, invade the endometrium, and allow transfer of nutrients from maternal blood to fetal blood.


A membrane that when first formed, closely covers the embryo. It fills with the fluid. . It is a feature of the amniotes which includes reptiles, birds, and mammals. (Amphibians and fish are excluded from this group).


Cells forming the outer layer of a blastocyst, which provide nutrients to the embryo and develop into a large part of the placenta.


 An early stage embryo consisting of cells (called blastomeres) in a solid ball contained within the zona pellucida. Distinct from a blastocyst in that it (3-4 days post fertilization) is an 8 cell mass in a spherical shape whereas a blas...
An early stage embryo consisting of cells (called blastomeres) in a solid ball contained within the zona pellucida. Distinct from a blastocyst in that it (3-4 days post fertilization) is an 8 cell mass in a spherical shape whereas a blastocyst (4-5 days post fertilization) has a cavity inside the zona pellucida along with an inner cell mass. Develops into a blastocyst.


The fluid-filled central region of a blastula and mammalian blastocyst  
The fluid-filled central region of a blastula and mammalian blastocyst