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the function of a manager involving analyzing information, setting goals, and making decisions about what needs to be done.
Organization and Job Design
create the fundamental structure for the business in order to assure quality in performance. Manager also decides the task of each employee according to their potential and personal record.
Recruiting and Hiring
Picking up and hiring staff: to teach and train each individual employee and appoint them to their task
Compensation and Benefits
The way that a manager decides to compensate or reward an individual or group of employees according to their task in their business.
Performance Management
Activities used to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.
Legal Compliance
Process and procedures to ensure that the organization follows relevant laws and regulations.
Employee Relations
Communications between management and employees concerning the workplace, decisions, grievance, and conflicts
Health, Safety, and Security
Organized efforts to identify the hazards in the workplace and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful substances.
Training and Development
The field which is concerned with organizing and developing better ways to better performance and quality in the workplace.
Policies and Procedures
The laws and regulation, principles and protocol created in order to guide and lead to a good outcome.
Five Functions of Management
Planning: create a foundation in order to set up the work place and know how, who and when to complete task
make arrangements or preparations for the business
training, hiring, and giving each individual employee a task to complete.
Is the realization or action of directing certain rules
determined behavior to supervise and run a business or company