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What is a letter contract?

-a contracting instrument, used to initiative work immediately, for supplies and services

-demands contractor is given a binding commitment

-negotiating a contract within sufficient time is not possible

When does it have to definitized?

-No more than 180 days afterward

Program cost estimates are normally done in what type of dollars?

- Constant year dollars

To construct a defensible budget, what three things are essential?

-Program directions



What are the five appropriation categories?

- O&M





What are the three types of funding?

-Annual funding

-incremental funding

-full funding

What are the exceptions to full funding?

-advance procurement

-multiyear procurement

What is the purpose/intent of annual funding?

-Prepare budget request on the basis of funding needed to operate and maintain DoD actives and pay personnel for 12 months

What is the exception to annual funding on a 12 month basis?

-When budgeting and obligating funds for severable service contracts for period s crossing fiscal years

-contracting period can't exceed 12 months

What's the purpose behind incremental funding

-prepare a budget request on the basis to incremental funding required to cover only those costs expected be incurred for the work in a given fiscal year

What are the exceptions to incremental funding?

-9 months: program budgeted for only 9 months or less for a new start program

- 15 months: Extended for three months into the fiscal year

18 months: where the R&D contract cannot be logically divided

What is the purpose of a fully funded?

-applies to preparing a budget request to cover total estimated cost for military usable end items delivered in a 12 month period

What are some advantages of multiyear procurements?

-advantage: lower costs, stabilizes contractor, provide incentives to improve producibility,

-Problems: Gov't liability in cancelling contract,

What are four criteria for multiyear procurements

-substantial cost savings

-stable requirements

-promote national security

What are internal programming actions?

-Doesn't require congressional approval

- no change in purpose

-may be used to correct mistakes in appropriations

What are external reprogramming?

-affects item of congressional interest

-Establishes a new program

-requires 30 day notification