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To be successful, what does Life Cycle Sustainment require?

-early planning, development, implementation, and management of an affordable performance driven logistic support strategy

- the goal is ensure sustainment considerations are integrated into across the system's life cycle

What are some of the key requirements to ensure success?

-participation in the design

-providing affordable, reliable, effective support strategies

-providing user effective systems

-Developing an integrated acquisition system

-facilitating iterative technology enhancements

-Ensure metrics driven outcome

-Continuous improvement processes

P3, D, F, E, C

What is product support?

-The application of the package of integrated product support elements and support functions necessary to sustain the readiness and operational capability of the system

Support Elements

Support functions

What are some key features sustainment metrics should entail?

-Traceable to user requirements

-Achievable and verifiable

-minimum reporting

T, A, M

What are the three primary sustainment metrics that are used to measure the outcome?

- Operational availability:percentage of time that a system or group of systems within a unit are operationally capable to perform an assigned mission

-Material Availability: percentage of the total inventory (not just the operationally assigned assets) operationally capable at a given time based on materiel condition

- Material Reliability: Probability the system will perform without failure




What are in service reviews?

-An event a PM uses to conduct post IOC material assessments with the use to determine the operational health of a system