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198. _________ Contains detailed descriptions of work packages? a. WBS dictionaries b. Scope of work c. Budget estimates d. Cost estimates
Answer: a
1. The relationship between the budgeted actual cost, actual work completed and work planned will determine the
A. Schedule estimate at completion
B. Cost estimate at completion
C. Cost Performance Index
D. Schedule Performance Index
E. both a and b
Answer: A
2. All work packages are complete
A. at EAC time
B. when BAC is equal to EAC
C. when BCWP intersects BCWS
D. when schedule variance is zero
E. c and d
Answer: B
3. Earned value is
A. the base line plan
B. completed work value
C. cost/cost variance
D. percent over or under budget
E. a and b
Answer: B
You could tell Diane was worried about her project. Her folks had been working on the project since Independence Day. Here it was already Halloween and they were just finishing up work that was supposed to have been completed by Labor Day. "Oh dear", she confided to her friend, "Instead of completing by Christmas, at this rate I expect we won't be done until
A. New Year's Day
B. St. Patrick's Day
C. Easter
D. Mother's Day
E. the 4th of July
Answer: E
. Diane was so concerned about her project that she woke up dreaming about it. She thought to herself, "Well, our BCWP is 2, our ACWP is 4 and our BCWS is 6, so that means
A. our productivity was less than planned
B. our cost estimate at completion is 6
C. our CPI and SPI are both positive
D. our cost variance is negative
E. a, c and d
Answer: E
The measurement which best shows the difference between actual work and actual costs is
A. Cost variance
B. Percent over or under
C. Schedule variance
E. this is not a valid measurement
Answer: A
Rework costs ____ times budgeted costs.
A. +75, -25
B. +25, -10
C. 85
D. 10 to 15
E. 25 to 50
Answer: E
. If part of a project's costs will be paid in future years, the best way to determine the value of those costs in today's dollars is
A. estimated project payout
B. return on investment
C. net present value
D. discounted cash flow
E. internal rate of return
Answer: D
. If the ACWP exceeds the BCWP, the cost estimate at completion will
A. increase
B. decrease
C. depend on the BCWS
D. exceed the schedule estimate at completion
E. a and d
Answer: A