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factors that affect the Communication technology you will use?


availability of technology

ease of use

project environment

sensitivity and confidentiality of the info

What are the sequence of steps in a basic communication model?


Transit message




what are three communication methods used to share info among project stakeholders?

Interactive communication ex: meeting, phone call

Push communication ex: reports, emails

Pull communication ex: intranet sites, e-learning, knowledge repositories

the process of creating collecting distributing storing retrieving and the ultimate disposition of the project info in according to the communication mgmt plan

manage communications process

a tool used in manage communications.

it is the act of collecting and distributing performance information including status reports, progress measurements and forecasts

Performance reporting

integrates scope, schedule and costs parameters of a project and may also include technical and quality parameters

performance measurement baseline

__________ comes from multiple sources and may vary significantly in their format, level of detail, degree of formality and confidentiality

project communications

examples of project communications

deliverable status

schedule progress

costs incurred

the objective of this knowledge area is to increase the liklihood and impact of positive events and decrease the likelihood and impact of negative events

Project Risk Mgmt

______ risk that cannot be manages proactively should be assigned a contingency reserve

Known risks

_______ risks cannot be managed proactively and therefore may be assigned a management reserve

Unknown risks

a negative project risk has occured and is considered an ______


the degree of uncertainty an entity is willing to take on in anticipation of a reward

risk appetite

the degree amount or volume of risk that an org or individual will withstand

risk tolerance

refers to the measures along the level of uncertainty at which a stakeholder may have a specific interest

risk threshold

below risk threshold, the org will accept the risk

what are the most favorable and least favorable forms of power for the PM?

Best forms= Reward and Expert

Least effective form= Punishment

What are the 5 forms of Power discussed in the McClelland's Three Need Theory?

Reward power

expert power

legitimate power



What are the theories of motivation to be referenced?

McClellands 3 Needs Theory

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

McGregor's theory x and y

contingency theory

Hertzbergs motivation-hygiene theory

What is the Human Resource Mgmt Plan contain?

Roles and responsibilities

Org Charts

Staffing mgmt Plan

Resource Histogram

Timeline for staffing needs

Release plan

details how and when the project will be staffed, how and when the staff will be released, and other resource details such as how they will be trained

Staffing mgmt plan

(this is apart of the Human Resource Mgmt Plan)

a tool used during acquire project team process that looks outside the organization for resources when they cannot be provided internally


what is the theory that groups 5 basic needs in a hierarchy where the bottom needs must be fulfilled before the upper needs will surface?

maslows hierarchy of needs

what are the 5 needs in maslows hierarchy of needs

phyisological (food, clothing, sleep)

Security ( freedom from fear, job protection)

Acceptance (being apart of the team)

Esteem (feeling of importance, contribution)

Self actualization (living and working at full potential)

the motivational theory developed by Victor Vroom that says team members make choices based on expected outcomes

expectancy theory

ex: team will only work hard on a goal if they expect the goal is achievable

What is the organizational theory that states there are 2 ways to categorize and understand people in the workplace.

X theory- mgr assumes people are interested in selfish goals. they dislike work and must be forced.

Y theory - mgr assumes ppl are naturally motivated to do good work

MsGregor's Theory X and Theory Y

theory that states the leaders effectiveness is contingent on 2 factors: task oriented or relationship orientated and situation factors such as stress

Contingency Theory

What theory suggests that in stress times and most task orientated leader will be more effective

contingency theory

the theory that states the presences of certain factors does not make someone satisfied but their absence will make someone dissatisfied

Hertzbergs motivation hygiene theory

hygiene factors must be in place but they do not motivate on their own.

Motivation factors will motivate but will not work without hygiene factors

what are some hygiene factors in Hertxberg Motivation hygiene theory?

company policy


good relationship with boss

working conditions


personal list



relationship with co workers

Motivational theory that states employees are motivated from 3 needs

McClellands Three need theory

- achievement

- power


Constructive team roles are


information seekers

information givers





gate keepers

de-constructive team roles




recognition seekers

topic jumpers


devis advocates

50% of project conflict comes from these 3 source

human resources



who manages the resources in a matrix organization?

The Functional manager or Project Manager?

Functional Manager.

Notes: In projectized orgs, the PM manages resources. But in Maxtrix orgs, PM works with the Functional manager to secure resources for the project.

Who should pay for training during the develop project team process? the department or the project?

the department.

the project does not pay for training unless it is a very unusual circumstance.

what is getting to the root of the problem and the BEST way to produce a lasting result and a real solution?

problem solving or confrontation

note: This is better than compromising

What is the most important role for the project sponsor?

Provide and protect the projects financial resources

The sponsor can do other things like resolve conflict but the most important role is the finances.

What is the most important skill for the PM?


the PM spends about X% of his/her time communicating


and 50% of that is with the project team

communication that is vocal but not verbal like the tone of voice, volume or pitch


4 communication methods

informal written (email)

formal written (contracts)

Informal Verbal (phone calls)

Formal Verbal ( presentations, speeches)

true or flase

The message and medium determine whether a form of communication is formal or informal


what type of communication should a schedule delayed?



Formal and written

You can soften the blow by calling but it definitely should be written

All major project status updates like schedule slippage and cost overruns should be communicated...

formal and written

Issue log is a tool for...

project managers

each issue should be assigned one owner or can it have multiple owners?

each issue should be assigned 1 owner and a due date

PMs job is to get the most accurate answers to stakeholders as soon as possible. even if that means going late into a meeting to validate the report


Performance reporting is a tool that is most closely associates with which process?

manage communications

Lessons learn should contain

analysis of the variances that occurred from the projects baseline

note: don't be tricked by other answers such as the customers feedback

in which process will earned value mgmt be used?

Manage communications or Plan Communication Mgmt

Manage communications

the issue log is used in which communications mgmt process

control communications

a technique to evaluate the degree to which the data about risks is useful for risk mgmt. examines the degree to which the risk is understood and the accuracy quality reliability and integrity of the data about the risk

Risk Data quality assessment

Project Documents Updates is an output of Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis. What are two examples of what could be updated?

Risk Register Updates

Assumptions log Updates

The process of numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objective

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

what provides guidelines on establishing and managing risk reserves?

schedule mgmt plan

and cost mgmt Plan

What are two examples of the tool/technique, Data Gathering and Representation Techniques.

This is used for Perform Quant. Risk Analysis


Probability Distributions

What are the 3 probably distributions used in modeling for Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis?

continuous, discrete, uniform

compares technical accomplishments during project execution to the schedule of technical achievement

technical performance measurement

example measures are weight, storage capacity, transaction items, etc

compares the amount of contingency reserve remaining to the amount of risk remaining at any time in the project to determine if the reserve is adequate

reserve analysis

what are the 6 processes used in the Risk Mgmt Knowledge area?

Plan Risk Mgmt

Identify Risks

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Responses

Control Risks

what are the 2 characteristics of a risk?

1. Risk is related to an uncertain event

2. Risk may affect the project for good or for bad.

what is a tool used for creating consistent risk categories

risk breakdown structure (RBS)

this tool uses RBS to check off items and ensure all important risks or categories are being evaluated

checklist analysis

What unit of measure is most often used for the process Peform Quantitative Risk Analysis?

cost or time

Features of probability

the % must add to 100% and they are curved such that the probability rises then falls as the number of occurrences increase

this tool takes uncertain events and assigns them a most likely dollar amount. it is typically calculated with decision trees

Expected Monetary Value Analysis

this tools is used for simulating schedule.

it takes details and assembles a big picture. Used in Time Mgmt and Risk Mgmt.

For risks, it will help point out risks that are not evident but is they are delayed will adversely impact the project

Monte Carlo analysis

strategies for negative risks or threats





Strategies for positive risks or opportunities





purpose of the the controlling process in all the knowledge areas?

did we plan properly?

did we get expected results?

do we need corrective action?

do we have lessons learned?