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What is an intrest group
Organize groups more effective

an formaly organized association that seeks to influence public policy

James Madison did not agree with him
-benefits they seek could hurt others seek to use their power to protect themselves
Public intrest groups differnt from other groups
Public intrest groups we disinguished from other intrest groups by wide spread benefits of their polices
History of IG in
power and promidce of IG devolped partialy in response to decline organization strength of traditional political
Bounus Army
Marched on Wash Dc. to demand benefits from the fed gov it was vertrans of ww1
Which type of IG spend the most money
Buisness groups spends the greatest amount of money on lobbing expenses
WHy ppl join an IG
ppl join an IG promise to offer them discounts on certain servies are responding material incentives
Tatic used most by IG
Testify at Nearings
Describe a lobblist
Paid professionals, many congressmen leave profession to become lobbylist (15,000 lobbyist in natinoal capitail
What is soft money
Generally consit of large contributions
What is microtargeting
Practice used by poltical stragests that intrests pointal suppertors by learning consumer habitis and buying preefences aids
-south man talkes to other ppl about nascar example in obama
Define political partys
are organization that were created for purpose of winning elections and governs once in office

Andrew jackson/martian van bueren- first to build mass political party
Purpose of political machine
Strong party orginzation that memebers control by exchanging votes for favors
What is the smallest level of a political organization
what did the intro of civil service do?
marit because system of emplpyment and managment, it replaced patronage- trading favor for votes
WHat is the signifance of thrid parties
sometimes acts as spoliers by drawing voters away from of the candiates in a tight election.
Describe primaries
some states insit that candiates recieve majority of votes not just a pluraity and require run off elections if no gaines a majority.
is the media biased
2007 found study news coverage by the major networks of presdential candiates was some time biased
do candidates exploit the media
yes, canidates often appear at rallies where the crowd been prescreened for supporters
how did lincoln handle the media
as pres. during the civil war lincoln censor war related news and imprisoned editiors. Felt that editors gave away miltary secerts
how does the midea cover the supreme court
when press covers the sc it is usally to descrbie idological divisons among the court and to identidy which justices are winning or losing on a particular issue
what are the current trends regarding the media
newspapper readership has decline drasticly over the past several decades
who are the most admired tv journalists
1.John Stewart (Daily Show)
2.Dan Rather (Cbs)
3. Brian Williams (nbc)
4.Tom Brorkaw (nbc)
what was the signifance ofof bucley v. valeo
IG argues that the rights to spend money on political contributionsand expenditves were a protected form of free speech
What do pacs support
labor pacs tend to favor demorcrats
engery pac tend to favor the (gop) rep
Pharmasutical pacs tend to favor the gop
Trail lawyers tend to favor the dem
Grassroots Mobilization
Intrest groups have a vested intrest in demonstrating that they represnt a large widespread base
Political Protests
Protests usally rise in response to issues that arouse a great deal of emotion
which group tends to support gop
white protestand who regualry attend church are likey to case their vote for the the rep party
what is Prospective voting
PV for a canidate is choosing w. an toward what the canidate says he or she will do if elected
How do citizens tend to vote
voters tend to support canidates w whom they can identify personally
What was the Significant part about participation in 2008
-excitement generated by the canidates themselves
-clear choices presented an substantial issues
-the emergence of memebers of the millenial genration political actors
-the parties extensive effects to mobilize voters
What was the signifance of the nixion/kendy debate
The televisws kwnnwsy od 1960 revealed that the visual apperance of the canidates effects views and assment of their charasterstics
What sports metapohor is oftern used when describing a campaign
Journalist frequently uses psorts metaphors to describe politics and are particulary compare elections to horse racing
Who was consider a great communicater
Ronald Regan
What is a charaterstic of yellow journalism
(Joesph Poltzer)
Define Traditional Media
1. Determine what stories are news worthy
2. Often influence what issues should be placed on the national agenda
3. Interpret motives of political officals
4. Faving more compettion and decling consumption
What is the first presidential race aired on the radio
Election of Waren G Herdy