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Five Steps of the Policy Cycle

-Problem Identification

-Policy Formulation

-Policy Adoption

-Policy Implementation

-Policy Evaluation

Problem Identification

-Being able to identify and define the problem is such a manner that it receives attention that leads to political action

Policy Formulation

The crafting of an appropriate and acceptable proposed course of action to resolve public problems

Policy Adoption

The approval of a policy proposal by the people with the requisite authority, such as legislature

Policy Implementation

The process of carrying out public policy through governmental agencies and the courts

Policy Evaluation

The Process of determining whether a course of action is achieving it's intended goals


Term used to describe the manner in which the majority of American public policies and programs are developed and implemented

Focusing Event

An event that allows for non-incremental changes

Sunset Clause

Clause in a law that establishes a built in termination date unless otherwise extended by a new law

California Population

38 Million

Ethnicity Percentages

-Hispanic 38%

-Asian 13%

-African American 6%

What place would California be on the GDP if it were a country?


What is the most pressing environmental issue for California?


State Legislature

-State Assembly

-State Senate

Information on State Assembly

-80 Members

-2 year term

-Led by the Speaker of the Assembly

-Each assembly person represent around 800,000 people

Information on State Senate

-40 members

-4 year term

-Led by President Pro tempore

-Each State Senator represents about 1 million people

Who is your State Assembly Person and what district is it?

-Cristina Garcia

-District 58

Who is your state senator and what district is it in?

-Tony Mendoza

-District 32

What is the total term limit for California State legislatures?

12 term limit

What is the term given to CA State legislatures that are done with their term?

"Termed Out"


Term given to a politician who moves to another legislature district in order to run for public office

Example of someone who is called a Carpetbagger?

Hillary Clinton

California Timeline

(Just know the order)

-Mexican American War (Bear flag revolt)

-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

ceded territory of California

-Gold Rush brings settlers and California adopts 1st Constitution

-Under the "Compromise of 1850" California admitted into the Union

-Workingman's Party is catalyst for 2nd constitution

When California was admitted into Union what number was it?

31st state

California Governor Info

-4 year term

-2 terms limit

-One of 8 state wide elected executive officials

California Supreme Court Info

-7 Members

--- 1 Chief Justice and 6 Associate Justices

-Nominated by government

-Approved by the commission

Maximum Limit to sue in Small Claims Court


Three Types of Direct Democracy






Needs Petition of 5% of people who voted for governor



-Compulsory and Petition

-State has to propose it then it's referred to the people to vote



To vote a politician out of office

California Constitutional Amendment

-Proposed by either 2/3 of both the assembly and state assembly or by a petition with 8% of the number of people who voted in the gubernatorial election

-Approved by simple majority if the electorate

Many constitutional Amendments does California have?


Significant Propositions

-Prop 13: (Jarvis - Gann Initiative) (1978)

-Prop 209: Ended affirmative action in governmental functions (1996)

-Prop 187: Anti-illegal immigration (1994)

-Prop 8: Banned gay marriages (2008)

What percentage of California is under federal jurisdiction?




-Special Districts


How many counties in California?


How many people in LA county?

10 million

How many members on County Board?

5 members

Types of Elections

-At large elections (for small cities)

-District-based Elections

What does NIMBY mean?

"Not in My Backyard"

Lakewood Plan

A contractual agreement in which the city outsources services such as fire protection or law enforcement to the county


Regulation of land use established by the local government with concerns to the type of building such as residential or business

Eminent Domain

The legal right of the state to appropriate private property without the owner's consent if it is used for a public purpose


The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents

Bracero Program

Historical agreement between the United States and Mexico which allowed migrant workers to legally enter and work in the United States


Political Movement incorporating anti-immigrant and xenophobic beliefs

The War Powers Act (1973)

Law passed that limits the President's use of troops in combat for only 60 days unless Congressional approval is given

Two Types of Military Forces




More likely to use military force


Politician less likely to use military force

Who has the biggest defense budget?

U.S. (ha)

Grand Strategy

The choices a government makes to balance and apply it's economic, military, diplomatic, and other national resources to preserve their people and territory

Exit Strategy

A set of criteria that must be met before military forces are withdraw

What is one area of the world involved large scale?


Three Historical Paradigms



-Pearl Harbor


-Means that dictatorships early

-confront them early

-term implying one should use force


-A war that is unwinnable, unsupportable or unpopular

-term implying that one should not use force

Pearl Harbor

term implying one

-can't be caught

-can't be surprised

Which 2 countries are likely to start a Nuclear War?

India and Pakistan

Who is challenging the U.S. as a super power nation?


What is the flash point between US and China?