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12 founders of Pi Beta Phi
Fannie Ann Thomson
Jennie Nichol, MD
Nancy Black Wallace
Ada Bruen Grier
Rosa Moore
Emma Brownlee Kilgore
Clara Brownlee Hutchinson
Jennie Horne Trumbull
Libbie Brook Gaddis
Inez Smith Soule
Fannie Whitenack Libbey
Margaret Campbell
Founding date, name, and location
On April 28, 1867 was founded at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL as I.C. Sorosis
Name of the home were the founding sisters rented out a room and founded the sorority
Holt House
Today the home in which our Fraternity was founded is used as (3)
1. a rental hall
2. a place for pledging, initiation, and alumnae meetings
3. a memorial to the founders and place for visitors to come
Current Grand President of Pi Beta Phi
Emily Russel Tarr
Number of Grand Council Members and Directors that govern Pi Beta Phi
7 Grand Council Members
18+ Directors
Six international requirements for pledges to be initiated
1. Currently enrolled at chapter's institution
2. Met all financial obligations
3. Satisfactorily completed Fraternity Organization PRogram as directed by Grand Council
4. Signed Statement of Obligation
5. Demonstrated good scholarship
6. Recieved 2/3 ballot vote of AAC and Chapter Executive Committee
Pi Beta Phi award for best overall performance by a chapter is called the
Balfour Cup
Location of Pi Beta Phi Settlement School; name of the project now and the school it is affiliated with
Gatlinburg, Tennessee; The Arrowment School of Arts and Crafts, University of Tennessee
Identify and describe the two philanthropic projects of Pi Beta Phi (besides school)
1. Arrow in the Arctic: provides support for library system in Yukon and Northwestern Territories
2. Links to Literacy: provides support to alumnae clubs and chapters in identifying and filling the literacy needs within their local communities
Name of Pi Beta Phi magazine
the Arrow
Pi Beta Phi HQ is located at
Town and Country, MO
Pi Beta Phi website
T/F In 1990, the Pi Beta Phi Foundation was established as the fundraising vehicle of the Fraternity to promote intellectual, ethical, and leadership development of members.
Full name of the Pi Phi NPC delegate
Carol Inge Warren or Jeans Wirths Scott
Two purposes of a college Panhel Council:
1. Public relations board
2. Liason between Greeks
Two ways alumnae work closely with chapters and how:
1. Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC): provides guidance, support, and advisement for chapters.
2. House Corporation (CHC): handles matters concerning chapter housing and serves as landlords for chapters
Name of the leading with values program:
Pi Phi for Life
Graduating seniors who work for the fraternity for the following academic year, providing inspiration, knowledge, and guidance in their interaction with Pi Beta Phi chapters are called
Graduate Consultants
Hazing Hotline phone number
1800 320 1867