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auctō —, —, āre
here: "bless; "to increase much, prosper
an-nītor (better adn- ), nīsus or nixus, 3,

adnitier - archaic act inf
strive after (here: promote); lean upon
tam etsi
aequus adj.
equitable, reasonable, fair, honorable; even, plain, level, flat
precārius adj.
here, precario: "as a favor"; obtained by entreaty, granted to prayer or entreaty
quī-vīs quaevīs, quidvīs
indef: whoever, whatever...
formīdō āvī, ātus, āre,
fear, dread, be afraid, be terrified, be frightened
contāgiō ōnis, f
here: "by means of my relationship/ contact; a touching, contact, touch; an infection, pollution
exprobrō āvī, ātus, āre
find fault with, reproach with, blame for, charge, upbraid, reproach
hence, therefore, accordingly
inspectors, police officers
subsellium ī,
low bench, seat,
cavea ae, f
In a theatre: the auditorium, spectator's seats, benches; enclosure, cage, stall, den, coop, beehive, birdcage,
pīgnus oris and eris, n

pignoris capio
a pledge, gage, pawn, security, guaranty

legal process whereby property is impounded to insure payment of debt or sold to make restitution
ambio, -ire, -iui or -ii, -itum

(ambitio, -onis)
solicit, canvass for an office or prize
the very same; in the same way
ōrnāmentum ī, n
theatrical: "costume"; apparatus, accoutrement, equipment, furniture, trappings:
corium, i
skin, hide, covering
concīdō cīdī, cīsus, ere
to tear/cut up, cut through, cut to pieces, ruin, destroy
is about to act in/take part in
prōd-eō iī, itus, īre,
here:(has a place (in tragedy)) go forth, come forth, come forward
gravidus adj.
laden, filled, full, swollen; pregnant
complaceo, (2), -ui or -itus sum
(+ dat or absol.) capture the affections of, to take a fancy for
on both sides, on either hand, from each side,
versipellis, e
that changes its shape
suo animo morem gerit
"indulges his desire"
abs-tŭlo , ĕre, v. a., an old form (from which is the perf. abstuli), = aufero,
carry away
inter-nōscō nōvī, nōtus, ere
to know apart, distinguish, discern
pĕtăsus , i,
travelling hat - broad brimmed
torulus, -i
strand of rope, tassle
abigo, -ere, -egi, -actum
drive away from
compingō (conp-) pēgī, pāctus, ere
To confine, lock up; to join together, frame, make by joining
promptārĭum , ii
store room
officers of the watch
dē-prōmō prōmpsī, prōmptus, ere,
draw out, bring forth, bring out, fetch
dē-putō āvī, ātus, āre,
To reckon, estimate, esteem, consider; cut off, prune
incūs ūdis, f
an anvil
erus (not herus), ī, m
A master, lord, owner, proprietor
quod facto aut dicto adest opus
"whatever need presents itself for a thing said or done"
expers tis, adj.
having no part in, not sharing in, not privy to
posse retur
considers to be possible
re-putō āvī, ātus, āre,
reckon, calculate, compute; think over, ponder, meditate, reflect upon
or, whether
ex-petō īvī, ītus, īre
seek after, strive for aim at, demand, ask
satiust (frm sero)
= potius est; "there is better ground", "it would be better"
verna ae, m
a home-born slave, house-servant, family slave
verberō ōnis, m
one worthy of stripes, a scoundrel, rascal
numero (old Latin)
quickly, instantly
al-lŏquor (adl- ), cūtus, 3,
invoke (formal religious term)
edepol (interj)
by Pollux!
allego, (1)
send as intermediary/representative; employ, commission
occillo, (1)
smash up, break in pieces
irritus , a, um,
worthless; empty, unrealized; invalid
for surely, by pollux,...
adoria, -ae
lēgō āvī, ātus, āre
to send with a commission, send as ambassador, depute, commission, despatch
asportō (abs-p-) āvī, ātus
to carry away, carry off, transport, remove
in-crepō uī, itus, āre,
to sound, resound, rustle, rattle; disturb, H.—To upbraid, chide, scold, rebuke, reprove
properus adj.
quick, speedy, hastening
frētus adj.
leaning, supported, relying, depending, trusting, daring, confident
it was decided
focus ī, m
a fire-place, hearth
occanō uī, ere

tubae occanunt
to blow into, play upon
boō —, —, āre
to cry out, resound
nebula ae
mist, vapor, fog, smoke, exhalation
ingruō uī, —, ere
to break in, come violently, assault in force, fall upon
obtineō (opt-) tinuī, tentus, ēre
to hold fast, have, occupy, possess, preserve, keep, maintain
prō-terō —, trītus, ere
to tread under foot, trample down, wear away, crush, bruise
foedō āvī, ātus, āre
to disgrace, dishonor, mar, sully, desecrate; to make foul, defile, pollute, disfigure, mutilate, mar, deform
perperam (adv)
penetrō āvī, ātus, āre
betake oneself, to enter, penetrate,
perduellis is, m
enemy soldiers, a public enemy, country's foe
ob-truncō —, ātus, āre,
cut down, cut to pieces, kill, slay, slaughter
imprānsus (in-pr-) adj.,
having missed a meal, that has not breakfasted, fasting
vēlō āvī, ātus, āre
cover, veil, envelope
(diciō) ōnis, f
dominion, sovereignty, authority, sway, control, rule
patera ae, f
libation-bowl; bowl, cup, saucer
pergō perrēxī, perrēctus, ere
to go on, proceed, press on, hasten, continue, go forward, march, make haste
capessō īvī or iī, ītūrus, ere
Of places, to strive to reach, betake oneself to, repair to, resort to; to seize eagerly, snatch at, lay hold of
attāt (ātāt)
interj. of surprise: Ah yes!, So! hey-day
illic huc iturust
"he's about to come here from there"
ē-lūdō sī, sus, ere,
To mock, make fun of; elude, avoid
malitia ae
ill-will, spite, malice
Jugula, ae
three stars that form Orion's belt; Orion
seven stars of Ursa Major
optumo optume optumam operam das
"you're doing the finest work, in the finest way for the finest god"
adpotum probe
totally tanked
plūsculus adj. dim.
somewhat more, a little more
Ain vero...
Oh, is that so...?, Oh indeed...
furcifer erī, m
a yoke-bearer, gallows rogue, hang-dog, rascal
scortātor ōris, m
a fornicator, whoremonger
scortum, i
meticulosus, a, um
full of fear
prūriō —, —, īre
tingle, to itch
perii (pereo)
"I'm done for"
auscultō āvī, ātus, āre
to hear with attention, listen to, give ear to; obey
pūgnus ī, m
a fist
prīdem adv.
long ago, long since, a long time ago
autumō āvī, —, āre
to say yes, assert, affirm
Non feret quin vapulet
He shan't get off without getting a thrashing
sapiō īvī, —, ere
to taste of, smack of, savor of, have a flavor of; to have taste, have discernment, be sensible, be discreet, be wise, discern
ēsŭrĭo (ess- ), ōnis, m.

a hungry person

to hunger
largior ītus, īrī
to give bountifully, lavish, bestow, dispense, distribute, impart:
haud malum
"pretty good"
interpolō āvī, ātus, āre
here: "wipe out", to polish, furbish, dress up
dēnuō adv
once more, a second time, anew, afresh, again
murena, -ae
ultro istunc
to hell with this guy
oboleo, (2), -ui
smell of, stink, give off an odor
superstitiōsus adj.
soothsaying, prophetic, prophetical; superstitious
gestiō īvī, —, īre
be eager, wish passionately, long; to gesticulate, express strong feeling, leap, be transported, exult, be joyful, be delighted
domō uī, itus, āre
here "break (them (his fists))in..."; to domesticate, tame, break, subdue, master
āla ae, f
wing; armpit
intervello (3)
vicem + gen or abl
instead of
īlicet (adv)
All is over! all is lost! amen!:
āctūtum adv
immediately, forthwith
fūstis is, m
cudgel, staff, club
columen inis, n
a pillar, column; the crown, summit, first, chief
con-sŭo , sŭi, sūtum, 3
To sew, stitch
praeut adv.,
in comparison with, compared with
carnifex or carnufex ficis, m
scoundrel, tormentor, murderer; an executioner, hangman
I wish that! if only! would to heaven! would that!
indūtiae (not -ūciae), ārum,
a suspension of hostitities, truce, armistice:
parum-per adv.,
for a little while, for a short time, a while, a moment
reticeō cuī, —, ēre
to be silent, keep silence
cistula, ae
a little box
quadrīgae ārum, f
a team of four, four-horse chariot team.
dēcipiō cēpī, ceptus, ere
to catch, ensnare, entrap, beguile, elude, deceive, cheat
cadus ī, m
a large vessel for liquids, wine-jar, jug
hirnea, ae
a jug
iuratus, a, um

injuratus, a, um

at least, at the least, at all events, anyhow
= cum
sūra ae, f
back part of the leg, calf
māla ae, f
mentum, -i
ob-temperō (opt-) āvī, ātus, āre,
to comply, attend, conform, submit, obey:
pultō āvī, —, āre
to beat, strike, knock
īnscendō —, —, ere
to climb up, mount, ascend
rādō sī, sus, ere
to scrape, scratch, shave, rub, smooth, shave off
calvus adj.
pilleum (not pīle-), ī, n
felt cap, skull-cap of a freedman
probrum ī, n
a shameful act, base deed:
pariō peperī, partus (P. fut. pariturus), ere
to bring forth, bear, give birth
aerumna ae
toil, hardship, distress, trouble, tribulation
cēlō āvī, ātus, āre
to hide from, keep ignorant of, conceal from
consuetio, onis (f)
carnal intercourse
subditīvus adj.
substituted, suppositious, spurious
dis-tāedet —, —, ēre
impers, it is wearisome, is disgusting
con-calēscō luī, —, ere,
to grow hot/warm, glow
ecflictim amare
to love to distraction/death
scīpiō ōnis, m
a staff, walkingstick
clanculum adv.
secretly, privately
sur-rĭpĭo (subr- ), rĭpŭi, reptum, 3
concinnō āvī, ātus, āre
to cause, produce
for a little while, for a short time, a while, a moment
com-pos (conp-) potis, adj.
possessing, participating in; master of, powerful over,
mercēs ēdis, f
price, hire, pay wages, salary, fee, reward
clueō —, —, ēre
to hear, be spoken of, be said
rĕor , reri, rătus sum
think, suppose
primo coetu
at first meeting
properō āvī, ātus, āre
to make haste, hasten, be quick, be in haste, go quickly
prandium ī, n
a late breakfast, luncheon
praebeō uī, itus, ēre
grant, furnish, supply; proffer, offer, tender
sĭtŭla , ae
jar for drawing water
al-lēgo (adl- ), āvi, ātum, 1,
To send one away with a commission
dē-discō didicī, —, ere,
to unlearn, forget
perīclitor ātus, ārī,
to try, prove, test, make trial of, put to the test
lūsor ōris, m
one who plays, a player
adverso (archaic advor- ), āre,
turn toward, meet, oppose
crābrō ōnis, m
a hornet
perconto (percuncto ), āre, 1,
to question strictly
ob-rōdo , ĕre
to gnaw on
implĭciscor (inpl- ), sci,
affected, inflicted (with disease or madness)
expergīscor perrēctus, ī
to be awakened, awake
mola ae, f
Grits, spelt coarsely ground and mixed with salt (strewn on victims at sacrifices); a millstone, grindstone
tūs (thūs) tūris, n
incense, frankincense
cerrītus adj
crazed, frantic, mad
laruarum plenast
she's filled with spirits
īnfitior ātus, ārī,
not to confess, to contradict, deny, disown
= si vis (if you please)
this very instant
con-geminō āvī, ātus, āre
produce a twin, to redouble, multiply
mūtuus adj
borrowed, lent
pretty well
fungor fūnctus, ī
to busy oneself, be engaged, perform, execute, administer, discharge, observe, do
subditīvus adj
substituted, suppositious, spurious
dōs ōtis, f
a marriage portion, dowry
mōrigerus adj
compliant, yielding, accommodating, obliging
prō-sum prōfuī, prōdesse
to be useful, be of use, do good, benefit, profit, serve
dē-lēniō īvī, ītus, īre,
bewilder; to soothe, soften, charm,
multō (mulctō) āvī, ātus, are,

quin te hoc multem matrimonio?
to punish

why I shouldn't punish you by means of this marriage (why I shouldn't divorce you)
= libet: it pleases
cēnāculum ī,
top story, garret, attic
incohatus adj
unfinished, imperfect
īn-sōns ntis, adj
guiltless, innocent
susque deque
lit: "both up and down"; "of no account", "neither here nor there"
perpetior pessus, ī,
to bear steadfastly, suffer firmly, abide, endure, be patient
adjuro (1)
to swear to
īn-super adv
Over and above, moreover, besides; above, on the top, overhead
when, since, in as much as
interj., come now!; of joy, ha! good! see!
irritus adj.
vain, empty, not valid, unrealized
ad-ōrnō āvī, ātus, āre
equip, make ready
commentus adj.
devised, invented, feigned, fictitious
mōrigerus adj.
compliant, yielding, accommodating, obliging