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What are tectonic plates?
The earth's lithosphere is broken up into seval major plates (pieces).
What is Pangaea?
A supercontinent believed to have existed sometime in earth's past.
Who is Alfred Wegener?
German scientist who came up with idea of Pangea and continental drift.
What is continental drift?
Idea that earth's plates move around on the asthenosphere.
What are evidences for continental drift?
Puzzle pieces (continents)
Rocks match
Glacier evidence
What is a plate boundary?
Where 2 plates interact.
What is a fault?
A crack (major or minor) in earth's surface caused by geologic forces.
What happens at plate boundaries?
The earth's surface is reshaped.
What is a convergent boudary?
2 plates collide (come toether).
What forms as a result of a convergent boudary (4 things)?
Folded mountains, trench, volcanoes, earthquakes
What is subduction?
Oceanic plate (dense-heavy) sinks below a continental plate (less dense-heavy)
What is a trench?
Deep crevasse or valley formed from subduction (deepest part of ocean).
What is a divergent boundary?
Where 2 plates pull apart.
What forms as a result of a divergent boundary?
Mid ocean ridge (Mid Atlantic Ridge) volcano, or a rift valley (on land).
What is a transform boundary?
Where 2 plates grind (slide past) each other.
What happens as a result of a transform boundary?
What is a hot spot?
Super hot place in mantle. Causes magma to rise = volcanic island (Hawaii)
What is an island arc?
Islands formed by subduction.
What is sea floor spreading?
Concept that new crust is formed at mid-ocean ridges and recycled at trenches.
What is the ring of fire?
Beltlike region around Pacific having lots of earthquake and volcanic activity due to converging plates
What exactly is plate tectonics?
The science of explaining how continental drift works.
What is believed to be the cause/force behind continental drift?
Convection within the mantle.
Describe convection.
Rising hot fluids...like a lava lamp (less dense rises).
Why are gases and liquids both considered fluids?
They flow!
What is plasticity?
Describes mantle magma...semi liquid material.
What is a destructive force?
Tend to tear down landforms.
Give 3 examples of destructive forces.
Weathering, erosion (waves), subduction of oceanic plate
What is a constructive force?
Tends to build up landforms.
Give 2 examples of constructive forces.
Deposition of sediments, mountain building (folded and volcanic)