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Name the three important things a stem does.
1. Hold up the plant.
2. Carry water and minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant.
3. Carry sugars from the leaves to the rest of the plant.
What is a seedling?
a young plant that grows from a seed.
first stage of a plant's life cycle
What is a mineral?
a natural, nonliving material that can be found in soil.
Define pollinate.
To carry pollen to the stemlike part of a flower.
What is pollen?
A fine, yellowish powder in a flower.
Define germinate.
To begin to grow and develop.
carbon dioxide
a gas in the air that plants use to make food
Define life cycle.
The stages in the life of a living thing.
What is a petal
an outside part of a flower that is often colored.
What is a conifer?
a tree or shrub that has cones
second stage in a plant's life cycle.
What are three ways seeds can travel?
1.Float on water.
3.Carried by humans or animals
What are the two important jobs of the roots of a plant?
1. Take water and minerals form the soil.
2. Hold the plant in the ground.
How do leaves make sugar for the plant?
They absorb Carbon dioxide and sunlight and mix them with water and minerals to make sugar.
What are the three parts of a seed
1. food storage
2. embryo
3. seed coat
growth and pollination
Third stage of the plant's life cycle.