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In what Division is mosses in?
D. Bryophyta
In what Division are ferns in?
D. Pterophyta
In what Division are flowering plants in?
D. Anthophyta
In what Division are horsetails in?
D. Sphenophyta
In what Division are club mosses in?
D. Lycophyta
What is the dominant stage for the mosses?
gametophyte stage (n)
In the mosses what follows the gametophyte stage and by what process?
gametes (n) are formed by mitosis
What is the male gametangium?
What is the female gametangium?
In mosses, what is the stage between spores and gametophyte?
What follows the zygote stage?
sporophyte stage
What follows the sporophyte stage and by what process?
spores by meiosis
In a fern prothallus where are the archegonia and antheridia located?
archegonia on top and antheridia towards the bottom by the rhizoids
Another word for a fern prothallus is what?
What is the dominant stage in a fern?
What do rhizoids do?
they anchor the fern to the ground
What is the frond in a fern?
the whole leaf
What are the sori on a fern and what do they contain?
the little buds underneath the leaves and they consist of many sporangia
What is inside sporangia?
the spores
What is a sporophyll?
leaf structure that produces spores
What is pollination?
when pollen is transferred from the anther to a stigma by the wind
In flowering plants, what does the male microspore become?
the male gametophyte (3 celled pollen grain)
What does the male gametophyte in flowering plants become?
1 outercase, 1 pollen tube, 2 sperm
What does the female megaspore become?
the female gametophyte
What does the femal gametophyte in flowering plants become?
8 celled embryo sac
What do two of the cells become in the embryo sac?
endosperm (3n)
egg, which becomes the zygote (2n)
How many cotyledons do monocts have per seed?
How many cotyledons do dicots have per seed?
In monocts, the flower parts are in multiples of _____?
In dicots, the flower parts are in multiples of _____?
4s or 5s
What are the two parts of the stamen?
anther and filament
What are the 3 parts of the pistil?
stigma, style, and ovary
What kind of ventation do monocots have?
parallel ventation
What kind of ventation do dicots have?
netted ventation
Where are the microspores and pollen grains produced?
in the anther
Where does the pollen attach to?
the stigma
Where are the gametophytes and seeds produced?
in the ovary