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What were the 3 arguments in Galton's book Hereditary Genius based on?
1. Normal distribution
2. Specific patterns of eminent relatives
3. Comparison of adoptive versus biological relatives
Which two general patterns did Galton find in the examination of family trees of groups of eminent people?
1. Eminent relatives of eminent people tended to be closer rather than distant
2. He found a clear tendency for relatices to excel in the same fields
Which 2 study methods did Galton introduce
Twin study method and self questionnaire method
Which 2 mistakes did Galton make in his twin method study?
1. He did not address the possibility that identical twins who start out looking alike may consequently be treated alike
2. He did not note that any differences that do occur between identical twins cannot be attributed to heridity
What did Galton want to accomplish with eugenics?
Selective breeding among humans to improve the human race
What did Galton try to measure in his anthropometric laboratory?
People's heriditary intelligence (through tests of head size, reaction time and sensory acuity)
What are coefficients of correlation?
these are numerically precise indices of the strength of relationships
Why is Galton considered one of the most important figures in psychology?
twin studies, questionnaire studies, correlational studies, investigations of imagery and association